Tesla Model S World Record Plaid on Quarter Mile (9.2 seconds)

Tesla Model S World Record Plaid on Quarter Mile (9.2 seconds)
Tesla Model S World Record Plaid on Quarter Mile (9.2 seconds)

The new Tesla Model S Plaid would be able to complete the quarter of a mile in 9.2 seconds, setting a new world record. The famous made it known Jay Leno, which in the last period has come very close to Tesla circles.

The data, if confirmed, would be significant, if we consider that the Bugatti Chiron Sport manages to cover the quarter mile (400 meters) in 9.4 seconds. There Porsche 918 Spyder stopped the stopwatches in 9.7 seconds and the McLaren P1 in 9.8. These cars are produced in very few examples and have exorbitant costs compared to a Model S Plaid, over a million dollars against the approximately 120 thousand dollars that are used to take home a Tesla electric sedan.

Tesla Model S Plaid the fastest car?

Also, they are not electric cars like the Model S Plaid, but at most electric hybrids. This should be emphasized because there is another electric car that has been able to do even better, namely the Rimac Fridge, which traveled the quarter mile in 8.6 seconds. With the difference, however, that the Nevera is a car worth over 2 million dollars with engines that guarantee power up to 1914 horsepower. a 2-seater hupercar, while the Tesla Model S Plaid one 7-seater sedan.

Leno recounted all this during an episode of the Spikes Car Radio podcast, saying that the attempt was made on the Famoso Bakersfield Raceway, in California, about a month ago. The conductor said the quarter mile was completed in 9.247 seconds with a top speed of 244km / h and that a National Hot Rod Association official was present to formalize the record.

After several months of postponements, Tesla seems ready to deliver the first Model S Plaids. This will happen starting June 10 for the first lucky buyers. According to the license plate data, Tesla’s new sedan will touch i 320 Km / h of maximum speed and will be able to accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in less than 2 seconds. The autonomy declared by Tesla of about 620 kilometers.

Tesla tested these specifications in recent days on the Laguna Seca circuit, where a specimen with a retractable wing integrated in the trunk was spotted.

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