and for 8 years the Defense has been blocking a film-

and for 8 years the Defense has been blocking a film-
and for 8 years the Defense has been blocking a film-

«This is Italian warship». It is the title of the film, never made in the cinema, by director Valentina Pillitteri about the life of the sailors of the Cavour aircraft carrier during the mission in 2013 “Country system in motion” aimed at promoting (amid controversy) made in Italy – from Fincantieri to Beretta to the missile company Mbda at Augusta Westland – abroad. Shot during the mission by the director and winner of two awards, yet opposed by the Navy which has prevented its diffusion for eight years. For now the film will have only one spectator, albeit an excellent one: the judge of the Civil Court of Rome because the director – assisted by the lawyers Marco Carlizzi and Francesca Taviano – has sued the Ministry of Defense to obtain its diffusion.

The trial will begin on November 26, but a precautionary hearing could already be held in July, where Pillitteri will ask to immediately market “This is Italian warship”. Advertising which the ministry has opposed since 2014, complaining of never having granted the director, even though she got on board with a camera, the authorization to collect the images while she was traveling on the Cavour.

In the background emerges, in particular, the problem of the protection of state secrets, as noted in the appearance of a constitution filed by the ministry. The mission was also the subject of an interpellation presented by the parliamentarians of Sel who questioned, at the time, the opportunity of a mission aimed at promoting armaments and military equipment abroad.

It is the morning of November 13, 2013 when Valentina Pillitteri, with other journalists and photographers, gets on board the Cavour ship, ready to set sail for the Suez Canal to exhibit Italian excellence in thirteen African countries and the Persian Gulf. In addition to companies specialized in the military and civil sectors, on Cavour members of the Red Cross and Operation Smile travel, who will carry out interventions on children during the mission.

In January 2014, the military command orders the director to leave the aircraft carrier for reasons that have never been clarified. The director does not have the financial means to assemble the film and so in 2019, with the aim of seeking financiers, she presents a summary of the film in two events: the «Visions du Réel» in Nyon, Switzerland, and «L’Atelier MFN 2019» in Milan. In both cases he wins prizes. Useless victories, since the ministry does not, however, give the green light to the diffusion of “This is Italian warship”.

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