Elections Rome, Lega: “Michetti one of the most important names. Forza Italia …”

Elections Rome, Lega: “Michetti one of the most important names. Forza Italia …”
Elections Rome, Lega: “Michetti one of the most important names. Forza Italia …”

Matteo Salvini will meet Enrico Michetti tomorrow morning, in the shortlist of the center-right candidates for the office of mayor of Rome. This is what we learn from center-right parliamentary sources. According to what is learned from center-right parliamentary sources, the Northern League secretary has already seen or heard Simonetta Matone, a possible candidate in Rome. And he has scheduled for tomorrow morning a face to face with Enrico Michetti, the other name, supported by the Brothers of Italy, who could run for the Capitol. From tomorrow afternoon, Salvini will return to Milan and could meet other possible candidates in the Lombard capital.

“Enrico Michetti’s is one of the important names we have in the field for the capital. The discussion is open within the coalition with Forza Italia, which in particular supports the candidacy of Simonetta Matone, which from our point of view is equally valid. Let’s see the developments in the next hours to get to the solution. I also met Michetti personally and he is certainly prepared from an administrative point of view “. Thus the coordinator of the Lega in Lazio Claudio Durigon, interviewed by Affaritaliani.it on the choice of the center-right of the candidate for mayor in Rome. So will the official decision finally arrive at the table of leaders next Tuesday? “I really think so, by now we have reached the maximum time limit to choose”.

The undersecretary of the economy ministry confirms that the coalition is opting for a civic name and not a politician. “Gasparri (proposed by Forza Italia, ed) is certainly an important person in Rome, but the Center-right is choosing to focus on area candidates “, as in the case of Michetti who is a civic of the Fratelli d’Italia area. As for the internal competition between the League list and that of Brothers of Italy, Durigon states: “We fear nothing” – responding to the hypothesis of overtaking – “the important thing is that the Center-right gets more votes than the coalition of the Democratic Party, given that Raggi Movimento 5 Stelle will certainly not be a problem considering the disaster of the outgoing administration. I leave the percentages to the pollsters, I know we will be able to respond to the change as the Romans ask. “And finally an important prediction:” I am convinced that we will win in the first round, there will be no need for a second round. And we will win both if the candidate is Michetti and if it is Matone “, concludes the leader of the Lazio League.


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