65 more kilometers of cycle paths – Corriere.it

65 more kilometers of cycle paths – Corriere.it
65 more kilometers of cycle paths – Corriere.it

Travel on two wheels increased by 30% in one year with the boom in the use of electric bikes (also due to the 60% mobility bonus on purchases), but the smog in the capital does not stop. The major pollutants such as dioxide nitrogen rose with the opening of schools and offices, bars and restaurants. On the world bicycle day of June 3, established by the UN in 2018, to take stock of sustainable travel in the city to reach work, study and visits to friends and relatives, data from Fiab, (Italian Federation of the Environment and Bicycle).

Investments on the way

“There has been a change of pace – comments the president Alessandro Tursi. – «The bicycle, in particular the electric one, is beginning to become an alternative to the second car. And the new trend of cargo bike, the bike with the trailer to carry goods or luggage“. Furthermore, “in the NRP there are 600 million (nationally, ed.) for cycling, which are added to the 250 million already allocated for the national cycle paths and to the 150 million of the latest budget for urban cycling paths “.

Polluted air increases

In the meantime, however, in the last week the control units of Arpa Lazio recorded a increased nitrogen dioxide (No2), the main vehicle pollutant, partly due to the reopening of schools, offices, bars and restaurants. Legambiente already last March had revealed that “With 62 cars per 100 inhabitants, the rate of motorization in Rome despite its proximity to the sea is among the highest in Italy and Europe, it is between 50 and 100% more than in Madrid, Paris, Amsterdam and Berlin ». And the long red list of road accidents shows that «there are 15,919 injured due to road accidentsi (6 for every thousand inhabitants a year) “. And as regards the 2020 budget, “atmospheric pollution – continues Legambiente -, with 26 micrograms / m3 of PM10, exceeds the limit value of 20 indicated by the WHO (the World Health Organization) ‘. And even if last year there was little travel, “in Rome the trips were practically only by car”.

The cycle paths

The Capitol continues with the creation of bike lines. «In Rome our cycle network continues to grow – said Mayor Raggi in a tweet -: we have added over 65 km of new routes and we are working to bring it to the heart of the city. A nice goal for Rome, for the citizens and for the environment! ». Three days ago Raggi showed the photos of the tracks under construction along Viale Aventino and to connect Piramide with the Circus Maximus.

The Grande Raccordo Anulare delle Bici (Grab)

The head of the Grab network (the Grande Raccordo Anulare delle Bici), Alberto Fiorillo foresees lopening of the first construction sites for 2022. «We start with“ light ”interventions such as the connection Appia Antica – Circus Maximus – Caracalla. In practice, the stretch from Via di Porta San Sebastiano at the intersection with the Ardeatina to Piazzale Numa Pompilio will be all cycle and pedestrian paths ». Another stretch in sight, «In via di San Gregorio, from the arch of Constantine to the Fao, there will be a more articulated intervention, with the halving of the carriageway: the half of the way on the side of the Palatine it will be exclusively cycle and pedestrian“. Then, «in via Guido Reni, instead of the parking lot that also runs in front of the Maxxi, a central strip will be made, partly cycle path, partly by tram, leaving the driveway for cars on the right and left. This too is a light intervention, after all the Grab does not add volumes, but subtracts them from the cars, making a different distribution of the urban space ». The Grab project for which the government in 2015 on a proposal from the Ministry of Infrastructure and Culture allocated 15 million euroshe predicts 45 kilometers of cycle and pedestrian paths in the city.

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