from Saturday 5th June the Marche will open reservations for the 12-39 age group

from Saturday 5th June the Marche will open reservations for the 12-39 age group
from Saturday 5th June the Marche will open reservations for the 12-39 age group
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Senigallia 03/06/2021 – The booking for the anti-Covid19 vaccine for the 12-39 age group starts on Saturday 5 June, from 12 noon. The category in question will be vaccinated in the population vaccination points (PVP) identified on the regional territory.

It will be possible to book the administration of the dose through the Poste Italiane portal or through the toll-free number 800.00.99.66 (active every day from 8 to 20). “A further step forward for the achievement of population prophylaxis – said the commissioner Filippo Saltamartini -. With the opening of the reservation of the 12-39 year age bracket, in fact, all citizens of the Marche region have the opportunity to join the vaccination campaign. I take this opportunity to renew the invitation to all those who have not yet booked, remembering that it is always possible to join through the portal regardless of age ”.

For online booking, in addition to the user’s personal data, it will be necessary to have the health card number and tax code and a mobile number to which confirmation will be notified. With the help of Poste Italiane, it is also possible to book in the PostaMat active on the regional territory (just insert the health card) or through the postmen who deliver the mail at home. It should also be remembered that Poste Italiane has activated an additional booking method for the anti-Covid vaccine via SMS in addition to those already known. Citizens of the Marche will be able to book their dose simply by sending an SMS with the tax code to 339.9903947. Within 48-72 hours they will be contacted by Poste Italiane customer service to proceed by telephone to choose the place and date of the appointment.

The service is active 24 hours a day and has no additional costs with respect to those foreseen for sending a simple SMS from the telephone operator to which it belongs. Once the booking has been started, the user will be immediately notified of the day, the location where the vaccine will be administered and the time in which he must present himself at the Vaccination Point. At the time of administration of the first dose, the day to make the booster will be communicated. Please note that all information on the vaccination campaign in the Marche is available at the link:

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Saturday #5th June Marche open reservations age group

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