Big Brother Vip is going badly for Signorini: the dry no comes

Alfonso Signorini as you know was confirmed driving his third Big Brother Vip. After the end of the last edition, which lasted beyond the expected schedule, the director of Chi is again grappling with the cast formation of the next edition which will air after the summer. The success of the reality will be decreed by the choice and combination of the right tenants and in this Signorini he is a master so much that he is already moving his first pawns to start a fun format, but also stimulating and with some quarrels that animate the house.


Alfonso Signorini, Filippo Ciacci declines the invitation of the director

If last year Alfonso Signorini staked everything on Tommaso Zorzi identifying in the former protagonist of Riccanza the right character, the one who would direct the dynamics of the house and at the same time win the trust of the public, for the next anddiction the director is analyzing a series of names. Meanwhile, rumors about the journalist’s various contacts have been animated as scheduled, in particular Dagospia revealed that Signorini would receive his first no from a well-known journalist.

According to undisclosed sources of D’Agostino the journalist Filippo Facci would have given the well-served to Signorini who apparently would have wanted him in the house for his culture, but also for his sometimes over the top ideas manifested on TV by his easily irritable character. In recent days, Facci had a heated confrontation with Luca Telese a It is not the Arena.

Filippo Facci tv only news24

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Big Brother Vip work in progress: possible tenants and commentators

Meanwhile, it is certain that Pupo and Antonella Elia have not been confirmed as opinion leaders who will be replaced. The place of Elia will be occupied by Adriana Volpe while that of the singer still appears to be wandering. Among the total tenants was made that of Nina Moric who could reappear on TV thanks to the reality show Cinecittà, while Justine Mattera has not confirmed nor denied the gossip.

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In short, for the Gfvip 2021 the works are in progress, before the debut surely many things will change and the evolution of the cast it will be a continuous becoming during the Summer. For sure Signorini will be able to make the right choices and give life to a reality that you are passionate about where nothing will be missing.


Big Brother Vip badly Signorini dry

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