AstraZeneca, thrombosis after the vaccine: what changes for the second dose

AstraZeneca, thrombosis after the vaccine: what changes for the second dose
AstraZeneca, thrombosis after the vaccine: what changes for the second dose

The Pharmacovigilance Agency Aifa has drawn up an important information note, agreed with the European regulatory authorities, which contains updates regarding the vaccine Vaxzevria, produced by AstraZeneca, and its methods of administration. With this document, addressed to healthcare professionals, the guidelines for the second dose change.

AstraZeneca, thrombosis after the vaccine: Aifa clarification for the recall

The AIFA specifies that the AstraZeneca vaccine is contraindicated in subjects who, following the inoculation of the first dose, have been diagnosed with thrombotic thrombocytopenic syndrome (TTS).

It is a combination of thrombosis and thrombocytopenia, or deficiency of blood platelets, seen in those who have received Vaxzevria.

In some cases it was also observed bleeding, and in the most severe ones, arterial or venous thrombosis was detected in unusual sites, such as in the cerebral venous sinuses, abdomen and organ sites splancnici.

This condition, which has occurred particularly among women under the age of 60 years in the first three weeks after vaccination with the adenoviral vaccine, led some patients to the death.

However, we are talking about a very small percentage of people. According to the most recent estimates only it 0,00003% of vaccinated people experience this adverse effect.

The likelihood of developing vaccine-induced thrombocytopenic thrombotic syndrome is therefore far less than that of developing thrombosis following vaccination.Covid-19 infection.

The Advice therefore remains that of get vaccinated against the coronavirus, while paying particular attention to the possible symptoms of TTS following the administration of Vaxzevria.

AstraZeneca, thrombosis after vaccine: the new guidelines for doctors

The TTS, is specified in the document sent to doctors by AIFA, requires a management specialized clinic. For this, doctors and all healthcare professionals must consult the guidelines and colleagues hematologists and coagulation specialists, before diagnosing and treating this condition.

All people who have received a diagnosis of thrombocytopenia within three weeks of vaccination with the AstraZeneca drug should be evaluated for symptoms of thrombosis and viceversa.

If the syndrome is actually found, they will therefore not be able to receive the anti Covid recall with Vaxzevria. For this they will receive the second dose with a different vaccine.

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