The fire chats on the minister: “When do we dishearten him …?”

The fire chats on the minister: “When do we dishearten him …?”
The fire chats on the minister: “When do we dishearten him …?”

Stomach ache in the 5Stelle house, with the grillini now close to a serious nervous breakdown following some outings by the new Minister of Ecological Transition Roberto Cingolani. Already quite annoyed at not having had one of their own at the head of the department strongly desired by Beppe Grillo, the pentastellati are now starting not to tolerate the proposals of the technician chosen by Prime Minister Mario Draghi, decidedly distant from their positions.

The 5Stelle 2.0 Movement led by Giuseppe Conte made the green and the ecological transition his workhorse: how to react, therefore, to the hypothesis of the construction of mini-nuclear power plants and waste-to-energy plants put forward by the minister? What to do, when it was the grillini who pushed the most for the birth of Mite? In these hours, it seems, the chats of the Movement are on fire.

Tensions on Cingolani

According to what he reports AdnKronosin fact, the word has already appeared several times “distrust“. The proposal would have been made by Luigi Gallo, former president of the Montecitorio Culture Commission, who would have no doubts about how to proceed: the time has come to discourage the minister. After all, the Movement has asked for the Mite as an essential condition for supporting the Draghi government, but no one has ever proposed Cingolani as head of the department.

The average five star, however, cares about their position as parliamentarian. And so here come the first doubts: “If we dishearten Cingolani, head of the ministry we wanted, we might as well leave the government”, would have been Carmen Di Lauro’s observation.

In short, the marriage between the technician chosen by Draghi and the grillini seems destined to be short-lived. After all, frictions and tensions arrived immediately.

The reaction of the pentastellated deputies to the Environment and Productive Activities commissions after the interview given by the Minister of Mite to The paper: “Hypothesis of mini nuclear power plants like the one made in an interview by Minister Cingolani, they are not in the field and will not be as long as the 5 Star Movement is in charge of the country “.

Some passages of the Simplification decree on the use of waste to produce energy leave a bad taste in the mouth and cause concern“, Senator Emma Pavanelli then commented.”In the texts we find different things compared to what Minister Cingolani had assured the parliamentarians of the 5 Star Movement a few days ago, and that is that they would not have been foreseen incinerators nor the use of secondary solid fuel, as they are contrary to the European directives on the circular economy and those of the NRP which require ‘do not cause damage’“.

“Let’s go out”

The combative has also expressed himself on Cingolani Alessandro Di Battista. “Since the ministry has been in existence, there has been a return to talk of nuclear power in spite of the popular referendum which twice sanctioned the no. Since there has been the Ministry for Ecological Transition, there has been talk of drills, incinerators, nuclear power and the bridge over the strait. Was this the ecological transition after 100 days that we expected?“. Dibba therefore wasted no time trying to call back his teammates: “Admitting that you were wrong and starting to think about leaving this devastating government for the country and for the M5S is a reasoning that M5S executives should start doing“.

A utopia, that of Alessandro Di Battista. The Movement, at least for now, has no intention of leaving the majority. Giuseppi, in fact, would have every intention of staying at Mario Draghi’s side and “channel dissent in a positive direction“.

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