New INPS bonus up to € 1,600 for everyone, even without ISEE!

New INPS bonus up to € 1,600 for everyone, even without ISEE!
New INPS bonus up to € 1,600 for everyone, even without ISEE!

Following the publication in the Official Gazette on May 26, 2021, regarding the Sostegni bis Decree, or the decree-law number 73 of 2021, important economic measures and additional bonuses were approved for Italian families in difficulty, in particular in towards those categories of workers, entrepreneurs and companies that operate in the national territory and that they appear to have been most affected by the economic crisis following the outbreak of the Coronavirus infections, and the consequent restrictive measures undertaken by the Government in order to contain the epidemiological wave.

In this regard, the current Italian government led by the expert economist and former banker of the European Central Bank, Mario Draghi, has decided to pursue the same lines of action as the previous government team of the previous Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte, through L’introduction of a series of bonuses that can be recognized and paid to Italian citizens regardless of their ISEE membership.

Therefore, in this scenario, i new bonuses and concessions developed with the recent Sostegni bis Decree they will go alongside the economic aid already approved with the previous decree-law of 22 March 2021, number 41.

The goal is always the same, to provide tools and contributions to all those workers who have been seriously affected by this economic crisis, in order to be able to raise their condition.

Here, therefore, is a guide in which all the information regarding the new ones will be provided bonus that the Draghi Government has decided to introduce through the publication of the Sostegni bis Decree in the Official Gazette, what will be the new mandatory requirements to be respected in order to take advantage of the economic benefits, and what are the methods of disbursement of the contributions and of the request to be able to access them.

The new bonuses of the Dragon Government: the main objectives

The text relating to the new decree law number 73 published in the Official Gazette on May 26, 2021, arises from pursue several fundamental objectives, which currently constitute the main priorities of the Italian government, with regard to the difficult economic situation that is affecting millions of Italian citizens and workers.

In fact, through an allocation of over 40 billion euros for thedisbursement of new bonuses, contributions and support in favor of families, workers and companies most affected by the restrictions undertaken by the Government in order to contain the increase in Coronavirus infections, the government team intends to pursue objectives related to helping citizens.

Therefore, in this sense, the strategic lines of the Draghi Government have the additional purpose of intervening in a clear and concrete way in order to raise the economic situation of our country, to support more companies and entrepreneurs, in particular those of small businesses. local, as well as protecting the health and well-being of all citizens.

It is therefore clear that in order to achieve the goal of economically helping citizens and companies, the interventions to be followed through the various decree-laws must be aimed precisely at offering greater access to liquidity and credit, encouraging companies to increase their staff and employees’ working hours.

With the Sostegni bis decree, farewell to the INPS bonus of € 2,400

Among the important innovations that have been carried out by the Italian Government through the new Sostegni bis Decree there is certainly that of a definitive farewell to one of the most loved and requested bonuses by working citizens, that of all-inclusive INPS bonus worth 2,400 euros.

It was, in fact, one of the most requested economic indemnities by those workers who belonged to one of the productive sectors most affected by the crisis that our country is facing, in particular the tourism, seaside, skiing and sports and entertainment sectors.

However, citizens must be reassured as this is not a real cancellation of the INPS bonus, but rather a downsizing of the envisaged amounts.

In fact, through the publication of the Sostegni bis Decree, a new bonus was introduced for the same categories as the € 2,400 bonus, but with a reduced amount as it will refer exclusively to two monthly payments, ie relating to the months of June and July. We therefore speak of the all-inclusive INPS bonus worth € 1,600.

€ 1,600 bonus: the features and how it works

A new INPS bonus worth € 1,600.

Also in this case it is an economic compensation intended to help those categories of workers who belong to sectors most affected by the crisis that our country is going through, such as citizens who they carry out activities in the seasonal, tourist, seaside or spa fields, as well as intermittent workers.

Thus, while millions of Italian citizens who have requested the previous all-inclusive INPS bonus worth 2,400 euros are still waiting to receive the outcome of their application, the new indications regarding the application procedures will soon begin to be provided. for the new € 1,600 bonus.

Therefore, as for the previous financial compensation, even in the case of the new all-inclusive INPS bonus of 1,600 euros, they will be able to access the contribution exclusively to those Italian citizens who, in addition to belonging to certain sectors, they are in possession of specific requirements, which are independent of their ISEE to which they belong.

The beneficiaries of the new INPS bonus of 1,600 euros

While we are waiting for more information and communications from the INPS institute regarding the methods by which it will be possible to proceed with theapplication for obtaining the all-inclusive INPS bonus of 1,600 euro, it is possible to summarize some basic requirements that will most likely be required for access to the grant.

In this sense, they will be considered suitable for access the INPS bonus of 1,600 euros all those Italian citizens who belong to one of the following job categories:

  • intermittent workers;
  • workers with a fixed-term contract, belonging to the tourism sector or linked to spas;
  • seasonal workers and with a contract in administration who also belong to sectors other than tourism or spas;
  • seasonal workers and with a contract in administration, who belong to the tourism sector or thermal establishments.

Among the mandatory conditions for accessing the one-off INPS bonus worth 1,600 euros, provided for by the new Sostegni bis Decree, there is also that linked to work.

In this sense, according to what is established by the decree-law, in order to obtain and take advantage of the 1,600 euro bonus, it will be necessary that the citizen has been involved in the actual cessation or reduction of his work activity, for reasons not attributable to his will. , during the period between 1 January 2019 and 26 May 2021, or the day of entry into force of the Sostegni bis Decree.

Pending further information to be provided in the coming days by the INPS Institute, it is necessary to underline that all Italian citizens who meet the requirements will be able to obtain the all-inclusive INPS bonus of 1,600 euros, regardless of one’s own ISEE membership.

How the non-repayable contributions will work

A further innovation that was introduced following the entry into force of the Sostegni bis Decree concerns i non-repayable economic contributions, intended for small, medium and large enterprises and companies operating throughout the Italian territory.

In fact, part of the 40 billion euros of the new decree-law has been set in order to help and support more companies and VAT numbers that have been particularly affected by the crisis caused by the explosion of Coronavirus infections.

It is about non-repayable contributions that will be paid directly automatically through a single solution by the INPS Institute for those companies that have already obtained eligibility for applications relating to lost funds provided for by the Sostegni I Decree, with reference to Article 1.

How to apply for the INPS bonus

For all those categories of Italian workers who prove to be in possession of the requisites required by the Italian Government following the entry into force of the Sostegni bis Decree, in order to access the one-off INPS bonus worth 1,600 euros, it will be compulsory to submit the application directly to the INPS Institute, which has the task of verifying the effective existence of the mandatory conditions and therefore proceeding with the disbursement of the benefits.

In this regard, in order to make the application, it will be necessary to log in directly through your personal credentials at the INPS institutional scope, at the following link:

However, in cases where problems arise when completing the application, citizens will be able to contact the Patronato or the CAF, in order to verify the nature of the error and proceed with the resolution of the problem encountered.

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