reservations also open to 12-year-olds

reservations also open to 12-year-olds
reservations also open to 12-year-olds

The vaccination campaign in Lombardy continues, including adolescents who can book the vaccine from 11 pm on Wednesday 2 June. The portal is ‘open’ to all Lombards between 12 and 29 years old, as announced by Letizia Moratti, vice president of the regional council and councilor for welfare.

Initially it was planned that, from 2 June, those who were between 16 and 29 years old could be booked for the anti covid vaccine, but now the Aifa (Italian agency for the drug) has also opened the possibility to get vaccinated to 12-16 year olds, hitherto excluded, with the prescription to administer Pfizer to minors (under 18).

The vaccine up to 12 years

Therefore all those who have reached the age of 12 can book (here the link: you need the health card, the tax code and the mobile phone. If you do not have, for example, the health card, you must contact the toll-free number 800894545). The widening of the age range has resulted in the postponement of the start of bookings by about 23 hours compared to what is expected for 16-29 year olds. For the rest, everything is unchanged: pending a meeting between the Region and the Lombard pediatricians, it is already known that 12-16 year olds will receive the vaccine in the hubs already organized for adults.

Last phase of covid vaccinations in Lombardy

Overall, therefore, this new booking phase concerns one million and 750 thousand Lombards. At the appointment, minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian who will sign the informed consent for the vaccine, to be filled in and delivered immediately before the injection.

In the meantime, doses of about one million units are on the way, while others will arrive by June 28: in all, in a month, two million and 800 thousand, about half Pfizer. Lombardy is aiming for 100,000 inoculations per day and has exceeded the quota of six million administrations. And he moves towards the white zone.

Vaccine reservations open to all age groups

From 3 June, as announced in recent days by the extraordinary commissioner for the coronavirus emergency Francesco Paolo Figliuolo, “the Regions and autonomous provinces will be given the opportunity to open up to all classes following the plan, using all administration points, including corporate ones. “.

This means that ” vaccination will be open to everyone from 3 June, you have to book and you can vaccinate anywhere, including pharmacies and companies, so the vaccine arrives at your front door. You just need to know how to look for it and book “said the Undersecretary of Health, Pierpaolo Sileri.” There will also be facilities open on particular days of the week when it will be possible to go and get the vaccine and therefore we will reach the numbers we promised very soon ” Sileri added.

“From June 3, the registry restrictions that guided us no longer exist – explained the Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza – but the absolute priority remains to put the most vulnerable people in conditions. In some regions this opportunity is already being offered to high school students but to a few more weeks we have to cover all unvaccinated people over 60 “.

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