Covid Great Britain: the number of cases rises. Half of vaccinated adults – Foreign

Covid Great Britain: the number of cases rises. Half of vaccinated adults – Foreign
Covid Great Britain: the number of cases rises. Half of vaccinated adults – Foreign

London, 3 June 2021 – The number of infected by Covid in Great Britain, despite the high number of vaccinated people (half of adults have already received both doses): today across the UK there have been reports of 5,274 new cases and 18 deaths (within 28 days of a positive test), as the official website of Public Health reports on social networks. A worrying growth, considering that on June 1st there were no deaths from Covid, for the first time since last summer. Meanwhile, in view of the holidays, the United Kingdom further tightens the precautions on travel from abroad.

The bulletin in Italy of June 3

Portugal off the green list

The government of Boris Johnson – in agreement with the local governments of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and with the scientific advisors of the Vaccine Committee – decided to restore quarantine also for arrivals from Portugal: one of the few countries included in the skimpy green list in recent weeks. At this point they remain only 9 territories (Iceland and Gibraltar in Europe), while Egypt goes on the red list with 6 other states.
The decision formalized today, pending an upcoming verification expected not before June 14, was therefore that of not easing the precautions with respect to any country and indeed bringing Portugal back to the orange intermediate list together with Italy and about 170 countries, with test and mandatory precautionary home quarantine of 10 days upon return.
The novelty should come into effect operationally in a week, to allow the tourists already left from the Kingdom to the Portuguese destinations of repatriate without an aggravation of the rules. But it’s still arousing already protests among vacationers, by some politicians (including in the Tory majority that supports the Johnson government) and above all in the tourism industry: who had hoped, if anything, in the transition to green of Malta or some Greek islands and that on the contrary, in addition to the temporary relegation Portugal, sees the addition of 7 other nations to the red list of Asian, African and Latin American countries at highest risk to which travel is completely prohibited and repatriations are allowed only with quarantine in hotels monitored at their own expense (Egypt, Afghanistan, Bahrain, Costa Rica, Sudan, Trinidad and Tobago, Sri Lanka).

I vaccinati in Gb

Half of adults in Britain received both doses of the coronavirus vaccine, while three-quarters of adults (as of yesterday) received at least one dose. The number of second doses administered since the start of the vaccination campaign, almost six months ago, is 26,422,303, the equivalent of 50.2% of the British over 18 years of age. The goal is to give the first dose of the vaccine to all adults by the end of July. For now, 39,758,428 people have received the first dose of an accine.

Second dose to Prime Minister BoJo

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson received the second dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine at the Francis Crick Institute in London. As the Guardian recalls, Johnson was given the first dose in March at St Thomas’ Hospital, the same hospital where he had spent a few days in intensive care after contracting Covid last spring. The premier posted the photo of the vaccination on Twitter with the comment: “When it’s your turn, you do it”.

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