Political polls, Brothers of Italy exceeds Pd

Political polls, Brothers of Italy exceeds Pd
Political polls, Brothers of Italy exceeds Pd

Overtaking of the Brothers of Italy on the Pd. This is revealed by the survey published today by Porta a Porta, carried out by Noto Sondaggi, on the voting intentions of Italians. Giorgia Meloni’s aprtito is behind the League. “The novelty with respect to Antonio Noto’s survey of May 20 is the overtaking of Fdi against the Democratic Party. The Meloni party increases by 0.5% and reaches 18.5% while the Democratic Party remains stationary at 18%”, reads a note .

“The League still loses half a point and is positioned at 21.5%, closely followed by Fdi and Pd while the M5S stops at 16%, losing 1 point since the last survey. Forza Italia loses half a point and reaches 7%. The new entry Courage of Brugnaro and Toti makes his debut with 3.5%. The small forces of the Italian political scene follow: Calenda’s share loses 0.5% thus reaching 2.5%, Italia Viva di Renzi stable at 2%, Noi con Italia stable at 1.5%, Verdi and the Italian Left stable respectively at 1.5%, while LEU-Art 1 lost 0.5%, thus stopping at 1% “.

“In terms of political aggregations the PD-M5S-LEU alliance is at 35% while the combined CD (Lega + FI + FDI + Courage + Us) is at 52%”.


Political polls Brothers Italy exceeds

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