Verstappen: “Legal car, they try to slow us down” – F1 Drivers – Formula 1

Verstappen: “Legal car, they try to slow us down” – F1 Drivers – Formula 1
Verstappen: “Legal car, they try to slow us down” – F1 Drivers – Formula 1

“The high attention paid to our car is understandable, we are doing a great job, I also understand the complaints, but for now everything has been done within the rules. So far there is nothing wrong with that. They are trying to slow us down “. Max Verstappen has never had particular scruples in expressing his opinion frankly and to the microphones of Sky Sports F1 Uk commented the viewfinder aimed at the flexible rear wing of Red Bull, already highlighted by Lewis Hamilton during the weekend in Barcelona.

Yellow stickers to control the flexible wings

The Dutch driver then overturned the question by placing the emphasis on the front wing. “I think the whole picture needs to be analyzed, the most important and predominant part of an F1 car is the front and our front wing flexes less than that of other teams”, added the class 1997. The reference is clear and is tofront wing of the Mercedes, definitely a dancer as the speed increases.

Hamilton: “Red Bull wing is clearly an advantage”

The weekend in Baku promises to be high voltage, the FIA ​​has in fact equipped all the rear wings of each team with fluo yellow round stickers, indicators that could highlight more suspicious declines. The stricter tests regarding flexibility will be introduced on the eve of the French Grand Prix, so the use of flexible wings and any official complaints and protests that could turn the hottest Azerbaijani weekend off the track will be evaluated, despite the Baku event has generally given vibrant emotions on a unique circuit of its kind.


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