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Non-repayable contributions when they arrive? Both the Sostegni Decree and the Sostegni bis Decree have granted a tranche of refreshments for the most affected activities in the context of anti-contagion closures.

Once the request phase for the first is closed, the questions phase opens for the second (enter the TheWam community and receive all the news on WhatsApp, Telegram and Facebook).

In this article we will explain what they are the requirements and timelines to receive accreditations.

Non-repayable contributions when they arrive? Refreshments Support Decree bis

Non-repayable contributions when they arrive? The phase of requesting the tranche of Refreshments envisaged by the Sostegni Decree has closed. You could apply until May 28: the first payments have been made starting from 8 April.

Accreditations continue even in these hours while the application phase for the tranche of contributions envisaged by the Sostegni bis decree opens. The provision includes several innovations: first of all, a “double track” for questions, in practice, a more exact calculation can be requested with respect to the loss of refreshments.

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Non-repayable contributions when they arrive. To outline the provisions of the Sostegni bis:

  • for those who have already been beneficiaries of the contributions provided for by the Support Decree, the automatic payment of a second installment (it will have the same amount as the first). For the beneficiaries themselves there is the possibility of obtaining a Additional bonus due to the decrease in turnover accused between January and April 2021.
  • Alternatively, both the “old” and the “new” beneficiaries (those who did not have access to the tranche of the first support) can apply for refreshments by taking advantage of a calculation system more consistent with the decline in turnover monthly average: the period 1 April 2019/31 March 2020 and the period 1 April 2020/31 March 2021 will be considered.
  • An additional final balance will be disbursed for those who demonstrate that they have had a loss in the reconomic result for the year 2020 compared to 2019.

Non-repayable contributions when they arrive?

Non-repayable contributions when they arrive? On the subject of timing, in general, it can be said that the sooner the application is sent, the sooner refreshments are received regardless of the consistency of the losses and the category of the activity. For the already beneficiaries it seems very likely that the times will be shortened if you choose the path ofautomatic credit of a new tranche of the same amount as that which was assigned on the basis of the first Support.

Having said that, translating into numbers, for those who choose the automatic payment route at least 30 days of waiting; in principle, for the others the wait is lengthened to at least 60 days starting from the communication of the positive outcome of your request.

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