Briatore and Antonella Fiordelisi: the truth of Elisabetta Gregoraci

Briatore and Antonella Fiordelisi: the truth of Elisabetta Gregoraci
Briatore and Antonella Fiordelisi: the truth of Elisabetta Gregoraci

Elisabetta Gregoraci turns 40: Flavio Briatore, career and fame on Instagram

Elisabetta Gregoraci clarifies the alleged dispute with Antonella Fiordelisi for Flavio Briatore. Some time ago the model had talked about a quarrel that took place behind the scenes of a new Mediaset program and was born because of the showgirl’s jealousy towards her ex-husband.

Fiordelisi had vented on Instagram, explaining that she was attacked by Gregoraci after a few Likes and a “Follow” by Flavio Briatore. “It wasn’t just her and me, there were people who had witnessed these things – he said -. At that moment I had an outburst on social media because I felt under pressure, but without mentioning the names and then automatically the situation was understood “. Shortly after the ex-partner of Francesco Chiofalo had explained the reasons for the alleged quarrel with Elisabetta: “All this arose mainly for a ‘follow’ or ‘like’ on the part of the ex-husband. I was very disappointed. I had insults, heavy psychological pressures, so at that moment I was very impulsive ”.

Interviewed by Tommaso Zorzi in the show Point Z, Gregoraci provided a very different version. The showgirl denied the existence of a quarrel behind the scenes of a show, denying that she was jealous because of Briatore’s behavior. “I have not quarreled with anyone, when I quarrel I remember who I quarrel with, I can assure you – Elisabetta replied, speaking of the indiscretion -. So no, really. A fight between you and me behind the scenes of the TV show? Yes, sure love. And so I am a black belt in karate ”.

“Honey, I don’t even want to talk about these things – he added -, because we really talk about things that don’t affect me. Because I am a lady. Doesn’t a thoroughbred compete with ponies? You said it, I didn’t say it. Let’s be clear, but I’ve never had a fight with anyone. But soon Battiti Live will start, let’s talk about this, a great caravan of music ”.

Gregoraci and Briatore have been linked for over ten years. Even after the divorce they never moved away to ensure maximum peace of mind son Nathan Falco. Elisabetta, after her marriage, lived a love story with Francesco Bettuzzi, while in recent weeks Stefano Coletti had been indicated as her new boyfriend.


Briatore Antonella Fiordelisi truth Elisabetta Gregoraci

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