The emergency numbers go haywire, France in chaos

The emergency numbers go haywire, France in chaos
The emergency numbers go haywire, France in chaos

AGI – There is a storm in France due to the failure of all the emergency numbers, which went haywire last night for at least six hours, due to a breakdown of the Orange telephone operator, causing a number of victims yet to be ascertained. On the whole national territory, 15, used to call the Samu (Urgent Medical Assistance Service, the mobile emergency service), 18 of the fire brigade, 17 for the police and 112, the emergency number used, were inaccessible. throughout the European Union.

At the moment, access to these services remains “unstable” in about ten regions, where being able to communicate with those emergency numbers is still “uncertain”, as reported by the Minister of Health, Olivier Veran. To deplore the incident, defined as “a serious, unprecedented and unacceptable malfunction”, were the highest officials of the state who asked the operator to “find a solution as soon as possible to put an end to the failure everywhere” and called his CEO, Ste’phane Richard. Meanwhile, since yesterday evening, to remedy the problem, a ten-number number has been set up for those who need to call the Samu, in service until tomorrow.

Visiting the Lot region, in a pre-election climate for the municipal elections on 13 June, President Emmanuel Macron stated that “we are taking stock of the situation, but it is still early days. We are very worried”. Due to the chaos of the emergency numbers, Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin, who was with Prime Minister Jean Castex on a mission to Tunisia, hastily returned to Paris.

While the government is ascertaining the human consequences of such a failure, to establish with certainty the number of direct victims, the prosecutor of the Breton city of Vannes has opened an investigation to establish the causes of the death of a 63-year-old. The man died in the emergency room of the local hospital following a cardiovascular arrestdespite some resuscitation attempts.

The regional health agency has already opened an administrative investigation. The patient was transported by car to his partner after failing to contact the emergency services. “He suffered from cardiovascular disease and was unable to get in touch with the relevant rescue services in time,” Minister Darmanin said at a press conference.

“We must carry out checks in every region to census all the dramatic human situations resulting from the breakdown before proceeding to an exhaustive national communication” underlined Ve’ran, according to which it could have caused the death of “3 or 4 people”, but “it is still premature to reach conclusions “.

Two other deaths would have occurred on the island of Reunion, a French department in the Indian Ocean. In the Ile de France region, at the moment, there has been a drop in acceptances to Samu by 5-10%, but it seems without serious consequences on human health. In Lyon, calls fell by 50-70%.

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