asylum seekers are also outside Europe. Ira of the EU and

asylum seekers are also outside Europe. Ira of the EU and
asylum seekers are also outside Europe. Ira of the EU and

The tones of the clash are rising after the Danish parliament’s bill which does not have the objective of completely blocking the arrival of new migrants in the country.

The new law, passed with 70 votes in favor and 24 against, provides that applications for asylum or other forms of international protection are examined in centers located outside the Danish territory, in a “third country” that has not yet been publicly identified, who will take charge of welcoming asylum seekers even once their application has been accepted, and of expelling migrants who have received a refusal. In other words, migrants who apply for asylum in Denmark will still not be able to enter Danish territory even after having obtained refugee status: they will have to remain in the “third country”.

Criticisms came from both Brussels and the UN. The EU, explains a spokesman for the European Commission, “shares the concerns expressed by the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, both on the compatibility of Denmark’s international obligations, and on the risk of undermining the foundations of the international refugee protection system “. The initiative “raises questions about access to asylum procedures, and protection”. The Commission will now analyze the Danish rules before deciding on any next step. The UN High Commissioner for Refugees has harshly criticized Denmark for the law adopted which aims to establish centers for asylum seekers outside Europe. “By initiating such a drastic and restrictive change in Danish refugee law, Denmark risks starting a domino effect in which other countries in Europe and neighboring regions will explore the possibility of limiting the protection of refugees on their own soil»Denounced Henrik Nordentoft, the head of the UNHCR office in the Nordic and Baltic countries.

The bill had been presented by the Social Democratic government of Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen (center-left), but was also supported by the center-right opposition. However, it is not the first tough anti-immigration measure introduced in recent years by the center-left government: the Denmark, for example, was the first European country to declare the area around Damascus, the capital of Syria, “safe”, with the aim of facilitating the return of many Syrian refugees to their country. And five years ago, a law allowed the Danish authorities to seize the valuables of asylum seekers.

The Danish government has not yet said which will be the “third country” that will take over the asylum requests and the subsequent reception of refugees in place of Denmark, although in recent days the Rwanda, which has a long tradition of welcoming migrants and which signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Denmark in April on cooperation on asylum and migration, although the document does not specifically address the external treatment of asylum. However, the news has not yet been confirmed by the two governments and there are no certainties about it. The Danish media quoted Egypt, Eritrea. In 2019, only 2,716 people applied for asylum in Denmark, eight times fewer than in the 2015 migration crisis.

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