“We also want to build it for Lazio”

“We also want to build it for Lazio”
“We also want to build it for Lazio”

Roma it remained one of the few European cities not to have its own stadium. The private facility can be a source of revenue for clubs, but bureaucratic problems make any kind of purpose complicated. In these years the Roma moved concretely to build the plant, had found the location a Tor di Valle, but then the project proved unachievable due to the various problems with the land. The new Giallorossi property then decided to abandon the proposal once and for all. Today the deputy mayor Pietro Calabrese, who spoke to Nsl Radio, explained how things went: “Meanwhile, the resolution brought to the Board is not exactly the revocation of the public interest: the packaged documents are acknowledged and withdrawn because there are no longer the conditions required by the famous Del Rio law on stadiums for which the proponent must be accompanied by a team football that has the will to build this infrastructure. Since this assumption is no longer valid because the new ownership of the football club no longer wants to build the stadium in Tor di Valle, we must take note of it.“.

INTEREST –The interest remains, it does not remain relative to that context but obviously there is the interest of Roma Capitale to create a stadium not only for Rome but also for Lazio. Of the famous 45 million private investments on the Rome Lido provided for by the urban planning procedures, we obviously guaranteed the 9 million, the others are not there but on this we have made a very important proposal for the public transport of the Capital on the Rome Lido transformed into a subway and adding a branch at Fiumicino because the incoming and outgoing flows are so high that the FL1 infrastructure is unable to increase the frequencies. Roma Capitale had said that it could not guarantee the 45 million euros in the event that the stadium would not be built. We had to take note that the conditions were no longer there, among other things the main problem was that the proponent, therefore Eurnova, no longer had the availability of land already from last November and this was the main element“.

NEW PROJECT –If the stage will eventually be made? We have always said that entrepreneurs must have the ability to keep faith. The night we reached an agreement with As Roma and Eurnova there were Parnasi and Baldissoni and I made a joke: now let’s make the stadium but you put up a team capable of winning, since it hasn’t done so for I don’t know how many years. I must say that even there, on the part of the former property, all this great effort to build a great team did not take place. The same goes for the stadium, it wasn’t all this great interest in making it, otherwise a partner a little more reliable would have been chosen. It is not enough just to do the projects, but you need the entrepreneurial ability to carry them out, if it turns out that there is not even the availability of land, what are we talking about? As if I said that I bring two of the top 10 players in the world to Rome and then I don’t have the ability to pay them“.


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