A fire breaks out in the Coop in Ponte a Greve

A fire breaks out in the Coop in Ponte a Greve
A fire breaks out in the Coop in Ponte a Greve

A fire broke out in the Coop in Ponte a Greve (Florence), the supermarket was evacuated for precautions but no one was injured. Probably the cause is a construction site on the roof of the shopping center where tar was being worked on. Much alarm in the area for the smoke and the strong smell of burning that has reached Scandicci, on social networks many photos of the flames that have been released. Firefighters and carabinieri on site.

Based on what has been learned, the damage to the roof would concern both part of the warehouses in the shopping center and part of the premises intended for sale. A second outbreak broke out shortly after the first and the smoke intensified.

Florence, fire on the roof of the Coop in Ponte a Greve

It happened suddenly, around 2 pm. The flames broke out on the roof of the shopping center on the border between Florence and Scandicci. And at 18.30 they still rose high in sky despite the incessant work of the firefighters. At one point they seemed to have prevailed, but then the fire started again.

As soon as the fire broke out, which initially affected the roof surface above Mediaworld, the shopping center was prudently evacuated. Then the flames also affected the roof of the food supermarket. There were 100 employees at that time and about two hundred customers. Nobody was hurt. Although later, around 6 pm, a slightly intoxicated person was taken away in an ambulance.

When the fire broke out, there were workers at work on the roof, engaged in insulation work. And the first hypothesis is that a blowtorch ignited the fire. Several teams of firefighters at work, arrived from Florence, Prato and Pistoia, together with carabinieri, municipal and state police. Outside the shopping center a crowd of onlookers making films and photographs.

Unicoop confirms the causes of the fire in a note which states that “it arose during the waterproofing of the roof. The flames, it is specified, did not affect the store, which was however evacuated as a precaution. fire is now under control thanks to the intervention of the firemen of Florence, with the support of the commands of Prato and Pistoia “.


fire breaks Coop Ponte Greve

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