Ferrari 2022: the OK Design concept [RENDER]

Ferrari 2022: the OK Design concept [RENDER]
Ferrari 2022: the OK Design concept [RENDER]

In a render published on the web, OK Design imagined the car with which Ferrari could face the 2022 Formula 1 World Championship. Waiting to find out who will win this championship between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen, with the second at the top of the overall ranking after the success of Monaco, fans are having fun imagining the layouts of the new 2022 cars, which will present various aerodynamic innovations.

In the idea of ​​OK Design, Ferrari will keep the matt mixed color of the last two years, with the sponsor Mission Winnow clearly present in the front wing (red background with gray writing) and in the rear wing (gray background with red writing). Also confirmed the font of the number, used by the Scuderia in 2019 and 2020, and the logo of the horse in the upper area of ​​the Halo, which would be repeated in the livery color.

The new single-seaters, we recall, will be designed with simpler and more linear aerodynamics, with the aim of improving driving in the wake and therefore simplifying overtaking maneuvers. Furthermore, the standardization of different components will allow teams to lower management and development costs and therefore to fall within the budget cap which will become increasingly stringent over the seasons. A total revolution that in the paper could mix the values ​​we have come to know in recent seasons.


Ferrari Design concept RENDER

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