Coronavirus – In Lazio more deaths and hospitalized, less positive and intensive care. The situation in the provinces. Vaccinations. Incidence and Rt from “white zone”

The epidemiological curve, albeit in a downward trend, presents alternating daily data on the territory of the provinces of Lazio; in the last 24 hours, on average, there were two deaths and five more hospitalizations but also 15 positive and 9 fewer intensive therapies.

In fact, in the last 24 hours, moreover a public holiday, out of over 7 thousand tampons in Lazio (-2.975) there are 196 new positive cases (-15), deaths are 6 (+2), hospitalized are 843 (+5) ; 1,086 recovered, intensive therapies are 134 (-9).

The incidence and Rt are from the white zone.

The numbers in the regional Asl
Asl Roma 1: there are 47 cases in the last 24 hours and 0 deaths; Asl Roma 2: there are 56 cases and 1 death; Asl Roma 3: there are 23 cases and 0 deaths; Asl Roma 4: there are 2 cases and 1 death; Asl Roma 5: there are 22 new cases and 3 deaths; Asl Roma 6: there are 20 cases and 0 deaths.

In the provinces there are 26 cases and 1 death is recorded in the last 24 hours:

In the ASL of Frosinone there is 1 new case, in Anagni, and it is an isolated case at home contact of a case already known or with a family link. There is 1 death, a 69-year-old man from Cassino.

In the ASL of Latina there are 15 new cases and they are isolated cases at home or with family link or contact of an already known case. There are 0 deaths;

In the Asl of Rieti there are 4 new cases and 0 deaths while in the Asl of Viterbo there are 6 new cases and 0 deaths.

The vaccine framework
From 3pm today reservations are reopened for the days Saturday 5 and Sunday 6 June of the Open week AstraZeneca over 18. Added over 11 thousand doses of which 8 thousand have already been booked in the first hour, a full house is expected.
Virtual ticket on ufirst app; next opening dates for reservations after open week:
– From Sunday 6 June at 24:00 age group 39-35 (born 1982-1986);
– From Tuesday 8 June at 24:00 age group 34-30 (born 1987-1991);
– From Thursday 10 June at 24:00 age group 29-25 (born 1992-1996);
– Sunday 13 June at 24:00 age group 24-17 (born 1997-2004).
Reservations on: All information on:

From 15 June the age group 12-16 years (born 2009-2005) must contact the pediatrician of free choice / general practitioner by whom they are assisted for the booking; today in Lazio over 3.5 million doses and one in two adults has received at least one dose of vaccine; in pharmacies reopened reservations until June 30 of the single-dose Johnson & Johnson; maturing vaccines: final day today.


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