Firefox 89, all new graphics on desktop: this is how the new user interface is

Firefox 89, all new graphics on desktop: this is how the new user interface is
Firefox 89, all new graphics on desktop: this is how the new user interface is

Mozilla released in distribution Firefox 89, the latest stable version of the web browser, one of the most renowned and popular in the world. The new release introduces in desktop environments a completely renewed user interface compared to the previous one, which changes many elements of the software starting from the tab bar up to deeper innovations. The new UI available on all desktop environments: Windows, macOS and Linux.

Firefox 89, here is the new user interface

The first change that catches the eye of the users is the new tab bare, which now appear more separate and “mobile” than the previous UI. Mozilla itself has stressed that this is not just an aesthetic change, since the new representation of the tabs wants to “invite the user to move, reorganize and extract the cards by taking them to a new window” to adapt them to the workflow and the user experience of each user, facilitating the search for individual open contents.

The entire graphic interface has been redesigned to be more minimalist and simple, not only to have a fresher and more modern look, but also and above all to remove the visual obstacles present in previous versions. The goal is to make the whole thing more orderly and consistent with the rest of the operating system in use, then there is the option to choose a light theme or a dark theme based on the settings saved in the operating system. The menus have also been redesigned with slightly rounded corners, and in general all elements of the UI appear more modern than before.,

New interface also for notifications, much more modern and in line with the operating system interface. Mozilla has also optimized them to ensure that some types of notifications will not be shown multiple times in different variations on some services (such as Meet, for example). On macOS there are several innovations that improve the stylistic coherence with the rest of the software running on the operating system: the warnings have in fact the native graphics, while when you reach the end of the page there is the classic bounce that we would get with the Safari browser of Apple.

Anyone wishing to try the new Firefox 89 can do so by updating from a previous version or by downloading it from the official Mozilla site, at this address. Here you will find instead the changelog with the list of news.

On Firefox 90, the update is also coming in the background

Mozilla is also working on other features, including a very interesting one coming to Firefox 90 for Windows. We refer to Background Update, indicated in the changelog of the Beta version released this week. The new feature allows you to update the browser even when not running, and will allow you to have the software always updated with the latest news at each launch.

How does the feature work? The background check for updates happens by default every 7 hours when the browser is not running. If there is a newer release, it is downloaded and installed without requiring any user interaction. The function is based on the Background Task Mode, which allows you to perform operations in the lightest and least invasive way possible when you are not using the browser. When Firefox is run the process is stopped, so as to avoid forced restarts while browsing the web.

For those who are concerned about the automated update action, there is the possibility of deactivating Background Update. From the screen “about:preferences” (the Settings), in the Firefox Updates section, you will be presented with a specific option to do this.

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