Chiara Ferragni, conspiracy theorist after her vaccine

03 June 2021 17:37

Accusations rained down on the influencer after posting some photos of his vaccination: someone would have noticed an alleged inconsistency in the arm that received the sting

“After more than a year in isolation and fear I am so happy that this is the first step towards a normal life. Let’s all get vaccinated,” wrote Chiara Ferragni in her post. A way also to raise awareness among its millions of followers. Then gradually in the Stories he gave updates on his post vaccine conditions. “Arm hurt almost passed, otherwise everything is fine”, “I feel completely normal”, while in one, published later, the arm with the patch that Ferragni shows is the right one. And some “conspiracy theorists” have lashed out at her, accusing her of having only pretended to receive the injection. “The powerful don’t get vaccinated but they want us to be vaccinated to inject poison”, “Don’t vaccine fanatics feel offended to be treated and considered stupid?” Are some of the many delusions that appeared in the comments.

The response of the influencer was not too late, who calmly explained through a video: “It makes me laugh that so many conspiracy theorists have thought that I pretended to have the vaccine because in the video it seemed that I had a different arm with the patch. First, you are out, second, I did it on the left arm, just the front camera reverses the image. I did it on the left one, the one without the lion tattoo. And in support of his explanation he showed an explanatory photo. But the web conspiracy theorists were not satisfied with the explanation …



Chiara Ferragni conspiracy theorist vaccine

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