Alitalia without money, postpones the second installment of May salaries again Funding from the bis support decree is awaited

“Unfortunately we are unable to pay out the other 50% salary because we are waiting to have visibility on the crediting times of the planned loan of 100 million in order to be able to follow up on the other 50% “. The cold shower for the beyond 12 thousand employees of Alitalia comes from the extraordinary commissioner of the company, Gabriele Fava, which today was heard by Budget Committee of the House. With the coffers empty, Alitalia has been paying salaries in two installments for three months now. Moreover, without anticipating the money from the layoffs at this point is entrusted directly to INPS, with a consequent lengthening of the times. The result is that for now several employees are receiving paychecks from a few tens of euros. The commissioners had pointed out to the unions on June 3 as an indicative date for the payment of the second tranche.

“Failure to pay the remaining 50% of the salary is unacceptable”, they argue as a unit Filt Cgil, Fit Cisl, Uiltrasporti and Ugl Ta on the statements of the Alitalia commissioners at the hearing in the Budget Committee of the Chamber, asking that “the Government do whatever is necessary to immediately credit the 100 million in favor of Alitalia in extraordinary administration “.

The support decree bis has allocated 100 million euros (200 million for the entire airline sector) to allow the company to survive until the summer season (the most profitable for air carriers) pending the implementation of the relaunch plan subject to close negotiations with the EU Commission. But the funds are not yet in the availability of Alitalia and the money that should arrive by virtue of the allocations in the context of Covid refreshments (paid by Italy) is authorized with the dropper from Brussels. “It is imperative to get more funding pending that complete the definition process with the Commission “on the Alitalia-Ita dossier, said today the extraordinary commissioner of Alitalia, Daniele Santosuosso.

“The rigidity with which the EU Commission interprets and applies the competitive principle of discontinuity does not favor progress ”in the negotiations with the government, explained the commissioner. The third of the commissioners Giuseppe Leogrande, he instead recalled that in 2020 Alitalia’s passenger revenues plummeted to 590 million from 2.6 billion the previous year. As regards the number of passengers, Alitalia “records curves extensively, dramatically descendants“, Explained the extraordinary commissioner Santosuosso. “In January 2021 the number of passengers was equal to 244.482 con other 1,438 million in January 2019 ″

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