Covid, Molise is the first Italian green region in Europe (Ecdc map)

Molise is the first Italian region to go green for the ECDC. The rest of Italy is orange, except for Calabria, Basilicata and Valle d’Aosta

The region Molise it’s the first one green area Italian in the EU and among the top seven throughout Europe. This was established by the Ecdc (the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control) which has updated the map on infections in the Old Continent.

The green color indicates that at 14 days the incidence is less than 25 cases per 100 thousand inhabitants and the positive rate of the test is less than 4%. Again according to the ECDC parameters, the rest of the Bel Paese is classified as orange (less than 50 cases per 100 thousand and a rate of 4% or higher). The only exceptions are Calabria, Basilicata and Valle d’Aosta which are colored red (between 50 and 150 per 100 thousand).

Looking at the map you can also see how Germany and most of the territories of Eastern Europe are in orange, while there are more red areas when looking at France and Spain.

Ecdc, the new map and the recommendations of the European Commission

According to the latest recommendations from the European Commission, there should be no restrictions – such as mandatory testing or quarantine – for people leaving the green zones. As pointed out on the ECDC Twitter account, these maps, updated on a weekly basis, are a “support to the recommendations of the European Council for a coordinated approach on restrictions on movement during the Covid pandemic”.

Italy, white zone: towards the change of rules relating to restaurants

In these hours, the Regions have confronted the government, pushing to ensure that the rules relating to seating in restaurants located in the white zone are changed. In this case, the request of the territories was to put the threshold of 6 people per table in the premises indoors (now the limit is set at 4) and to remove any limit for seats relating to outdoor diners. According to reports from the Corriere della Sera, the executive would have welcomed the proposal of the Regions with a positive opinion.

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White area, from curfew to mask: all the news

Photo source: ANSA

White area, from curfew to mask: all the news


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