BLD arrives in Italy: NZXT’s ecommerce to build the PC of your dreams in a few clicks

NZXT announced the expansion in Italy, France, Holland and Australia of their e-commerce BLD. Residents of these countries will be able to purchase i Custom gaming PCs from the NZXT BLD series and individual PC components of the US company.

NZXT BLD allows gamers to choose their gaming PC starting from your favorite titles and composing it piece by piece in a few clicks according to your performance and / or expense needs. Alternatively, you can purchase individual components such as Kraken AIO liquid cooling systems, H-series cases, and N7 motherboards.

Inside the store there is an automatic system that estimates the fps (frames per second) produced by that chosen configuration with “an accuracy of 10% to guarantee the game performance of each NZXT BLD configuration for each title chosen by the user. The fps are calculated on the analysis of over 10 million hours of gameplay, “says the company.

NZXT claims to offer “the MSRP price of every single component used,” including the latest generation AMD and Nvidia graphics cards. The company also claims “high availability of components. Nvidia GeForce RTX 3000 GPUs, for example, are available in quantity at our warehouses.”

We objectively have some doubts about this last statement, given the difficulty in finding video cards by the rest of the market, retailers and companies alike. That said, NZXT delivers 3-year warranty on all components used in assembly – carried out by specialized technicians – and ensures minimum delivery times.

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