Raspadori: “Aguero the idol, what insults from the Milan fans! Italy, CR7, Lukaku and Lautaro … “

Raspadori: “Aguero the idol, what insults from the Milan fans! Italy, CR7, Lukaku and Lautaro … “
Raspadori: “Aguero the idol, what insults from the Milan fans! Italy, CR7, Lukaku and Lautaro … “

The Sassuolo striker, called up by coach Mancini for the European Championships, talks about himself in Chronicles of Dressing Room between past, present and future.

To all Giacomo Breakers. The Sassuolo striker, also called up by the coach Mancini for the European Championships, spoke exclusively to Chronicles of Dressing Room between past, present and future. From idols to insults received, from De Zerbi to the call of the national team. Here are the most interesting passages of the letter from Raspadori.

Dybala was a gentleman. A real gentleman. Off the pitch I’m the most reserved guy in the world, but when I step on the grass in football boots, I transform. If I have to ask for the shirt from a champion I face, I don’t have any problems. I am determined. At the Stadium the game had just ended and I wanted his 10 at all costs. While everyone was saying goodbye, I headed towards Paulo and – a little embarrassed, yes, because I’m not introverted but I don’t have a heart of stone – I asked: “Sorry if I’m bothering you, could I have your shirt?” He smiled at me, replying: «Of course, but will you give me yours?». I was struck: I had not yet made my Serie A debut, I was Mr. Nobody in the true sense of the word. I will never stop thanking him for what he made me live in that moment. I took off my coat, undressed and gave it to him. I was the happiest boy in the world, and he seemed satisfied too. Who knows where he put it. It was a great gift from Dybala, though Leonardo Bonucci was also magnificent with me.

“[…] I have received several shirts over the years. I have always tried to take those of my idols: Lukaku and Lautaro of Inter, some from Roma, Fiorentina, Benevento and many others. A passion that I tried to cultivate regardless of the color of the uniform. Clearly I also took some of my teammates at Sassuolo, they couldn’t be outdone. That day I went to Bonucci’s: “Leonardo, excuse me, can I ask CR7 for the shirt?”. He told me not to worry. When I was already in the locker room I hear a knock: it was him with the number 7 of Juventus, worn by Cristiano. These were the thoughts that crossed my mind as I packed my suitcase to go to Sardinia, my first retreat with the national team. I rewound the short tape of my career, savoring all the moments I have lived up to here. It was crazy to be called by Roberto Mancini right from the pre-call-up “.

“I don’t look at who writes to me or who likes, I think there are other things to give importance to, especially in the judgment phase. But out there the world travels quickly and it’s a moment that you stop thinking. Also because we are not gods. Gods. We are people. Then, let alone, I am already quite ashamed. Balance boys, balance. The same with which I faced that evening at San Siro, something I could not even dream of. Really: if I try to imagine it, just not I succeed. Yet I was that kid who scored a double for Milan. In the celebrations you can see that I had no idea what I was doing. I seem almost incredulous. Even today, if I look at the video of the goals, I say “Damn, but ‘I really did … »It doesn’t happen every day:« Come on, today I’m going to San Siro and I score a double. »It doesn’t work like that. I received a flood of messages, especially from my friends from Milan who in the WhatsApp group filled me with insults. It was their way of letting me know they were happy. They were almost happier than me. Even my teammates were ecstatic, perhaps too much: when I returned to the locker room they filled me with loving slaps “.

“You remember Sergio’s goal Omen against the QPR? Crazy. I watched a lot of City matches, El Kun is my idol. I can’t forget that game. I was 11 years old, about the same as in that photo that Mr. De Zerbi had saved in the phone gallery. He’s been around the world, and it’s too impressive to me to see me in the same pose 10 years later. At the time I was playing in the rookies of Sassuolo, I remember that match well: it was a derby against Modena in our house. Being captain from the youth teams to the First Team is the crowning achievement of a dream “, it is read.

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