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Total solar eclipse

SOLAR RING ECLIPSE. June 10 Canada, Greenland and Russia they will be able to observe a rather interesting phenomenon. It will be about an annular solar eclipse with the Sun, Moon and Earth that will line up creating the phenomenon of the luminous halo, also known as the ring of fire, where almost the entire internal portion of the Sun will remain obscured by the Moon, which will leave only the outermost part uncovered. In Italy we will not be able to witness the complete phenomenon as it will happen elsewhere, since the eclipse will be only partial. And only the North and part of the central regions will be affected, where the solar disk will experience a dimming of just over 10%.

IN ITALY ONLY PARTIAL ECLIPSES. The timetable in the Italian regions affected by the partial eclipse will vary depending on the area, around 12:30, but the obscuration will be too low to be well observed without the aid of adequate instrumentation. In particular, the eclipse will begin at 12:18 in Milan, at 12:25 in Venice, at 12:19 in Florence, one of the few locations in central Italy affected. Anyhow it is highly not recommended to observe the phenomenon with the naked eye, as you could suffer irreversible damage to the retina. In fact, the use of adequate sun filters is recommended.

WHERE TO SEE IT. The event will be broadcast in live streaming on the facebook page Wow ( and on the youtube channel Wow (

Solar eclipse of June 10, visible from northern Italy

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