“Raspadori? I hope he does like Paolo Rossi “

“Raspadori? I hope he does like Paolo Rossi “
“Raspadori? I hope he does like Paolo Rossi “

Italy, the list of 26 for Euro 2020: there is Raspadori

Mancini: “Number 9? There are three forwards “

In midfield we have recovered Senses, he just needs to find some condition again. Pellegrini is healed, Verratti is making great strides. Pessina out? Painful choice like the others. They all deserved to be there for the players and the kids they are. Ballot for the role of ‘9’? There are three strikers now: one between Ciro and Gallo will begin, we will see. We want to play all the games up to London, we will need both, maybe all three. The physical aspect will also count. Belotti and Immobile are similar, they would struggle to play together”.

Raspadori: “Dybala a gentleman and Bonucci complimented him …”

Mancini: “Physical condition will count”

Physical condition will matter. Especially in the first race, we have eight days, it will be very important. Raspadori? I said it before, it is different from Gallo, from Ciro. For him it will be a great experience, if it is useful we will see it during the tournament. For tomorrow we see the conditions, he played 120 minutes 48 hours ago, we will see tonight if it will be better to let him rest. Before the Under 21 it came from a muscle problem“.

Jorginho: “Italy has suffered, we want to make people happy”

Mancini and the test with the Czech Republic

On tomorrow’s friendly against the Czech Republic: “It is an attacking team, which presses. It will be a good test. In the four of defense, both Spinazzola and Emerson will play tomorrow. Front right for Berardi and Chiesa will be the same thing. We think Berardi can play tomorrow. I understand that for Raspadori it would be nice to make his debut in Bologna, but the thought goes to his condition. The hope is that he will be well and have no problems in the coming weeks. And then I want to congratulate the Under team, if it hadn’t been for the expulsion it wouldn’t have ended like this. Giacomo was called for what he did in the championship, for his enormous technical qualities that can only improve”.

Mancini praises the work of Chiellini and Bonucci

We also return to the excluded: “It wasn’t easy for anyone. We are all disappointed, but they are guys who deserved to be here and will be called in the future. They will be important players for the national team. Bonucci and Chiellini? When they are on the pitch they will give their experience. Then the work done in these two years also came thanks to them, we made sure that the young people fit in faster. This is also thanks to the most experienced”.

Mancini: “Donnarumma is not conditioned”

Donnarumma is fine, I don’t think the current situation can affect him. Psychologically he has no problems, he has been playing at these levels for years. Tomorrow there will be 1000 fans, it changes little from the 400 … On Rome I hoped there could be many more and I still hope it can change. Playing with the fans is another thing. European dream? The Wembley Final …”.

Palmieri: “We want to win the European Championship”

He also spoke at the press conference Emerson Palmieri, Chelsea winger: “Jorginho and I are certainly happy with the Champions League victory, but the mentality has already changed since Tuesday: we want to win the European Championship and be protagonists. From tomorrow we start, it will be a difficult friendly match but we want to continue to win like in the last two years“. On the differences between Italian and English football in particular, Emerson recalled, however, that”Juve have reached the final twice in the last 8-9 years. At Chelsea we just did a good job and we are a good team“.

Palmieri: “The European Championship with Italy is a dream”

The Premier Legue is certainly still ahead but Serie A is also growing. We had a great season finale with Chelsea, because to get to the bottom you need to have a good team“, said Emerson. Going back to talking about Italy, Emerson said:”In the national team we have created this winning mentality over the past two years, we must continue to play our football. Until now we have not won anything, we must continue with the same mentality because only in this way can we be protagonists and get to the end.. I am living a dream in competing in the European Championship with Italy, it has always been my goal to reach these levels. But I’m not satisfied, because I want to win again“. “Future? We’ve been talking about it for many months but now I don’t want to think about it, now I only think about the present which means doing everything to win the European Championship.“, he concluded.

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