LeasysGo electric car sharing arrives in Rome in Fiat 500!

LeasysGo electric car sharing arrives in Rome in Fiat 500!
LeasysGo electric car sharing arrives in Rome in Fiat 500!

After the excellent reception in Turin and Milan, Leasys car sharing also arrives in Rome and does so – even in the Eternal City – with zero emissions thanks to a fleet of 300 electric Fiat Nuova 500s. To kick off the LeasysGO service! today was the mayor of Rome Virginia Raggi, flanked by Giacomo Carelli, CEO of FCA Bank and Chairman of Leasys, and by Paolo Manfreddi, CEO of Leasys Rent & Mobility.

The 300 Nuova 500 (but their number is destined to grow) are managed in free floating, that is, without restrictions related to parking which will be free and not linked to the presence of columns. As in Turin and Milan – where the service has already registered more than 45,000 rentals – car recharging will, in fact, be managed by the Leasys team, making use of the numerous proprietary charging stations in the city as well as the network of public electricity columns. . The cars in car sharing will always be charged and ready to be driven, at no cost to the customer, with the possibility of accessing even restricted traffic areas.

The rental experience is totally digital and characterized by maximum simplicity, thanks to the dedicated app, which can be managed with your smartphone. After purchasing the annual subscription voucher on Amazon, which for the June launch is offered in promotion at 9.99 euros compared to the current 19.99 euros, the customer can choose between the Prepaid subscription for 19.99 euros per month (with a 120-minute package included) or the Pay-per-use formula, at 29 cents per minute. For both solutions the maximum daily cost is set at 43.50 euros, with the possibility of keeping the car for a total of 24 hours from the start of the rental: moreover with LeasysGO! There is also a sharing service to and from Rome Fiumicino Leonardo Da Vinci airport, where customers can pick up or leave their car at the airport’s Leasys Mobility Store car parks or those dedicated to car sharing at no extra charge.

Carelli, ‘by the end of the year 50% electrified fleet sharing and short rental’

“With LeasysGO! let’s take a step forward with respect to the rental of scooters and electric bicycles: Rome – underlined the Rays – is changing its skin moving towards an increasingly sustainable mobility and it is important that users can find the most suitable means for their needs. Our city is confirmed as an important pole of attraction for sharing mobility operators which, thanks to the Leasys investment, is becoming increasingly electric and sustainable. In this way we open the market to new companies to create development in the territories and we encourage sustainable policies ”.

This service, explained Giacomo Carelli, is part of “our project for the revolution of sustainable mobility, waiting for it to extend to other European countries” and is the result of the combination of “two trends that are emerging: the first is that of a shared mobility, the second belongs to an increasingly electrified fleet “.

In this sense, he announced, “by the end of the year, 50% of our fleet of shared or rented cars in the short or medium term will be electric or ‘on tap’ by the end of the year”: a process in which the diffusion of charging stations is crucial. recharging, the fundamental infrastructure of “electric mobility that will also become circular mobility with energy produced from renewable sources”.

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