in which Regions it can be done and in which not

in which Regions it can be done and in which not
in which Regions it can be done and in which not

From 3 June the Regions can open the reservation of the anti-Covid vaccine for allregardless of age. Not all of them, however, have decided to allow younger citizens to register for the vaccine. The situation varies from region to region and, in the same way, the how to book. Let’s see where it is possible to book the vaccine also for the under 30s and what are the rules and dates for booking, considering that in some territories it is possible to apply for vaccination even for the over 12, the over 16 and the over 18.

In Lombardy, reservations are open for over 12s

Among the first Regions to open reservations for all citizens aged 12 and over is the Lombardy: for the age group from 12 to 29, reservations are possible from yesterday evening. The vaccine can be booked through this site or by calling 800 894545.

In Lazio it is continued by age group

The Lazio will not follow the instructions of Commissioner Figliuolo and will continue with vaccinations by age group, without opening up to all young people. At the moment, 40-year-olds can be vaccinated and no dates have yet been announced for the opening of other groups. In these days, however, the AstraZeneca open days continue, aimed at over 18s: you can book through the Ufirst app. For minors it will be possible to receive and book the vaccine from their pediatricians once they reach that age group. To book you can go to the appropriate portal or call the toll-free number 06 164161841, active from Monday to Friday from 7.30 to 19.30 and on Saturday from 7.30 to 13.

In Campania reservations are open but the site is slow

The Campania opened vaccination to everyone aged 12 and over through the regional platform, but the site ran slowly and there were difficulties in booking. The platform used is the Soresa one.

In Veneto, agendas open until 4 August

Even the Veneto opens today reservations for the age group from 12 to 39: the diaries will be open until August 4, as announced by the president Luca Zaia. To book you can use the website of the Region or the toll-free number 800 462 340.

Sicily opens reservations for over 16s

In Sicily all citizens aged 16 to 39 can book the vaccine through the Italian Post Office platform, as well as ATM Postamat counters and postmen. It is also possible to send a text message to 339 9903947 with your tax code. Within a maximum of three days you will be contacted to choose the place and date of the appointment. You can also use the toll-free number 800 009966.

Emilia-Romagna gradually opens to younger groups

In Emilia Romagna the aim is to open bookings a little at a time: it starts from 7 June and goes on every two days with a new range: on 7 it is up to 35-39 year olds and 12-19 year olds. Then it goes on until June 18, when all over 20s can book. To request the vaccine, a special site has been set up.

How to book the vaccine for everyone in Piedmont

The Piedmont has decided to open vaccinations to all adult citizens starting from 3 June. Reservations can be made online: once the operation is completed, you will receive a text message or an email indicating the day, time and place of the appointment.

Tuscany opens to everyone from 7 June

The Tuscany will open vaccines to all people over the age of 16 from 7 June: until then only citizens over 38 years old can book. To book the vaccine you must access the portal, on which you can also request the last-minute service.

In Puglia vaccinations for all but gradual openings

Also there Puglia chooses to open vaccinations gradually: it starts on June 3 with the 35-39 age group, then from 5 to 11 June new age groups will be opened until the day when the 16-year-olds are reached. The booking methods are different according to the category. You can also use the toll-free number 800 713931 or the pharmacies that carry out the FarmaCup service.

In Calabria vaccine for everyone aged 12 and over

The Calabria has decided to open to 20-year-olds, 30-year-olds and also to all people of at least 12 years of age starting at 4pm on 3 June. The platform to be used is that of the Post Office, but you can also use the toll-free number 800 00 99 66, send a text message to 339 99 03947 or call the Civil Protection switchboard on 0961 789775.

In Sardinia bookings open from June 4th

In Sardinia reservations will also be open to the 16-39 range starting from 4 June at 12 noon. To book, you can use the Italian Post Office platform or use the ATMs of the postal officers and the postman.

In Liguria it is still early to open to minors

At the moment in Liguria vaccines for over 18s are only given to volunteers who decide to receive AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson. From 4 June reservations will open for the 1982-1986 classes, from 7 it will be the turn of the thirty-year-olds and from 9 it will reach the 20-24 age bracket. President Giovanni Toti explains that it will be open to teenagers aged 12 and over only if Pfizer deliveries are sufficient: in this case we will leave “within 10 days in stages“. To book the vaccine, you can access the site or call 800 938883. You can also ask for reservations in pharmacies that carry out the Cup service.

In Abruzzo vaccinations open to 16 year olds

For those who are at least 16 years old it is possible to book the vaccine in Abruzzo starting from 3 June at 2 pm. You can use the Italian Post Office portal, also by accessing the regional site. Reservations can also be made at ATM Postamat counters and postmen. For information, please contact the number 800 00 99 66.

Friuli-Venezia Giulia opens bookings for ages 16 and up

Vaccinations open to all, aged 16 and over, even in Friuli Venezia Giulia from 3 June. You can book online, through the Cup counters of the healthcare companies, in the pharmacy or at the call center 0434223522, from Monday to Friday from 7 am-7pm and on Saturdays from 8 am to 2 pm.

In the Marche there are no dates for vaccines at all

In the Market at the moment it is possible to book the vaccination only for people over 40 years old or for those with comorbidities even under this age. Furthermore, until 6 June, graduates can receive the vaccine without reservation but following the alphabetical order. For the age group from 16 to 39, the start of the campaign is scheduled for the month of July. You can book through the Italian Post Office site or the call center 800 00 99 66, open every day from 8 to 20. For information, you can access another regional site.

In Umbria pre-accession for all adults

L’Umbria at the moment it has only opened a pre-accession to the vaccine for all adult citizens. To date, however, 50-year-olds can be vaccinated and then the age groups will continue. A regional site explains how to get an appointment: to this is added the telephone assistance active every day from 8 to 20 at the number 800 192 835.

Basilicata opens to everyone but priority to over 50s

Also in Basilicata the platform opens from 3 June to all age groups, but the priority remains for the elderly: at the moment the over 50 and over 60 are vaccinated. To book, you can access the Post Office portal and ask for information on the toll-free number 800 00 99 66.

Reservations for 20-year-olds from 5 June in Molise

The Molise opens on 3 June reservations for 30-year-olds, while from Saturday 5 June it will open for 20-year-olds. You can join online and ask for information through some email addresses. For information, you can also call 0874 1866000, active from Monday to Friday from 9 to 18 and on Saturday from 9 to 12. Once the reservation is made, you will receive a text message with the day and time of the appointment: you can reject the call by answering no or accept it by answering yes.

Bolzano opens vaccinations to everyone

In the Autonomous Province of Bolzano from 12 noon on 3 June it is possible to book the anti-Covid vaccine for all citizens with at least 16 years of age. To do this, you can access the site or call the numbers 0472973850 and 0471100999, active from 8 to 16 from Monday to Friday.

In Trento people over 45 get vaccinated

In the Autonomous Province of Trento The 45 to 49 age bracket has recently been opened for booking the anti-Covid vaccine: this can be done through the dedicated Cup portal.

Valle d’Aosta focuses on open days

As for the Valle d’Aosta there are no dates for opening vaccinations to all age groups. Meanwhile, the Region has decided to focus on the Astra open day on 2 June, with administrations for all adults. For appointments you can use the website or the number 0165544825, through which to ask for information.

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