Tragic head-on against a truck, Emanuele dies a few meters from home: he was 51 years old

BORGO VENETO – Tragic frontal collision a Saletto of Borgo Veneto. A 51-year-old electrical engineer lost his life, Emanuele Spoladore, than with the van of his firm was on his way home. The accident happened just 200 or 300 meters from your house, in the center of the village. The impact with the truck was tremendous and Emanuele lost his life almost immediately. They arrived on Suem, l’medical helicopter rescue, but now there was nothing to be done. The firefighters who arrived from Este secured the vehicle and freed the driver, but the Suem doctor had to ascertain his death. The driver of the heavy vehicle was unharmed. The carabinieri diverted the traffic and carried out the measurements of the accident. The dynamics of the claim are not clear at the moment.

51 year old, married, leaves two children teenagers. Had been among the founders, and long active, of your country’s civil protection group, and had collaborated with a dog lover from Vicenza. He is his dog, a German shepherd, were well known to fellow villagers, who saw them every evening for their usual walk together, also in via Cavaizza, where the crash occurred.

According to a first hypothesis, Emanuele Spoladore, born in 1969, who drove a van Citroen Nemo, in the name of the company Bilfinger Sielv Facility Management srl of San Donato Milanese, due to causes under investigation it would have invaded the opposite lane crashing into the heavy truck Mercedes, made out to Sesa spa of Este, led by CS, born in 1973 and resident in Villa Estense, remained unharmed. The carabinieri of the Norm of Este, who carried out the surveys together with colleagues from the Borgo Veneto station. Both vehicles were subjected to seizure. Spoladori’s body was transported to themorgue of the Monselice hospital, available to the judicial authority of Rovigo.

The victim

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