Almost 400 thousand euros for pro-migrant shows

Almost 400 thousand euros for pro-migrant shows
Almost 400 thousand euros for pro-migrant shows

The politicization of culture is a phenomenon we are used to: shows, literary reviews, festivals, kermesse, are actually made up of guests and programs with a specific orientation. The left, ça va sans dire, has occupied the Italian cultural apparatus and, behind apparently cultural activities, ideological purposes are hidden. A questionable modus operandi if carried out with public funds and is the risk that lies behind the «MigrArti» project financed with 385,361.15 euros by Ales Spa, a company 100% controlled by the Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities.

The approval of the funds intended for “MigrArti” took place with a decree signed by Minister Dario Franceschini (in the round) on 1 October 2020 during the Conte government but, starting from the next few weeks, the activities financed by the subsidiary of the ministry will take place . Officially created to “contribute to the enhancement and dissemination of the cultures of origin of the communities of immigrants permanently resident in Italy”, before the funds were cut in 2018 by the will of the then Undersecretary for Cultural Heritage Lucia Borgonzoni, the concrete realization of the project it was quite different. As Borgonzoni explains – who now holds the post of undersecretary again – “this project was not to be refinanced because it is used as a tool against anyone who wants to manage immigration. At the time he was Salvini, targeted by some associations that participated in these calls, today he could be Draghi for his policies towards Libya. There have been very violent positions taken by some winners of the tender who should not receive public funding ».

There are also at least two other issues. First of all, the opportunity to finance a project of this kind with almost 400 thousand euros given the particular moment that the world of entertainment and culture is experiencing due to Covid. Wouldn’t it have been more appropriate to use these funds for other purposes? With entire theater companies on their knees and a sector in great difficulty, using public resources for a divisive call is at least inappropriate. “Already in 2018 I had proposed to use these funds to talk about the issue of violence against both Italian and foreign women, a topic unfortunately current then as now”, Borgonzoni points out. Also because, reading the aims of Ales “aimed at supporting the Ministry of Culture in numerous projects to improve the conditions of usability of the Italian archaeological, artistic, architectural, landscape and archival and librarian heritage”, it is legitimate to ask what contribution to Italian culture can be offer a ban won in the past by some realities that, instead of fighting hatred, have themselves been advocates of violent interventions and positions against those who have supported the need for different migration policies.


thousand euros promigrant shows

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