Two-person staff by Daniela Di Lullo and Luigi Ambrosetti from 9 June

Two-person staff by Daniela Di Lullo and Luigi Ambrosetti from 9 June
Two-person staff by Daniela Di Lullo and Luigi Ambrosetti from 9 June

Chronicles of a (previously) underrated routine Bipersonale by Daniela Di Lullo and Luigi Ambrosetti edited by Monica Cecchini

June 9-14, 2021
Inauguration June 9, 2021, 6:00 pm
Incinque Open Art Monti, via della Madonna dei Monti 69 – Rome

Color: saturated, intense and bright.
This is the leitmotif of “Chronicles of a (previously) underestimated routine”, an exhibition dedicated to the works of the artists Daniela Di Lullo and Luigi Ambrosetti who meet in this exhibition moment with works in which the subjects seem to move in a surreal dimension, where the color becomes a place of feeling. From the background stand out pieces of the city, scenes of real life, autobiographical memories, elements of everyday life and figures intent on traveling the space at their disposal following distinct traces of color as a guide. Colorful and intimate works. Different but similar. Visions told by the hands of different personalities but shaped – it would seem – by a unique creative thought. This is the reason that led the artist Daniela Di Lullo to want Luigi Ambrosetti at her side, for this exhibition.

Luigi Ambrosetti, aka Lac 68, represents his world in the environment that surrounds it: his figures tell stories of our city. Each individual character is meticulously depicted in their own intimate sphere, with irregular features and a touch of magic that make them partakers of a unique and colorful context.
The idea of ​​the exhibition “Chronicles of a (previously) underestimated routine” starts from a feeling born during this particular period, full of ideas and reflections for the artists who remember – reliving them – old everyday scenes that ended up going unnoticed. The works shown are the representation of the desire to retrace everyday life, highlighting absences, distances, the lack of love and sociality.

Color takes the place of space to fill the gaps that are created, becoming an image too. As in the work where a vintage car is pushed: the blue of the background seems to be the sea of ​​a crowded beach, which on a Sunday in August awaits us on the horizon while the car has broken down. The yellow of the boys running seems to be a schoolyard in the 70s at the moment of recess in which the joyful screams of the boys who are about to finish school merge with the love of the teachers who have completed another year of work.
The color therefore joins with the shadows and with the actors of the scene; he becomes the interpreter of a story that is never the same and part of a personal memory which as a whole transforms itself into a collective one. This collective memory reflects fifty years of our history.

As the artist Daniela Di Lullo says: “We have only memories left. And memories for most people are mostly visions, to which words, sounds, tactile and olfactory sensations are connected. Our sense of identity is given precisely by what we remember and the way we remember it. But it is not the objective reality, because it is a reconstruction of it. We could say that objective reality in a certain sense does not exist, since the only way to perceive it is through our individuality and therefore we perceive it in a distorted way. It is precisely this distortion that gives it meaning. Everything with which we come into contact accumulates in our brain, so we carry with us an enormous cognitive inadvertent, of which we are not aware but which identifies us much more than we believe, the famous repressed, made up of shapes, sounds, objects, desires that some situations can make suddenly and involuntarily re-emerge: the nuance of a horizon, the profile of a face, a musical theme, the movement of a gesture, the texture of a sculpted material, the play of perspectives created by a building , the shadows of those who were next to us ”.

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Chronicles of a (previously) underestimated routine
Two-person staff by Daniela Di Lullo and Luigi Ambrosetti
curated by Monica Cecchini
Inauguration June 9, 2021, 6:00 pm
From 9 to 14 June 2021
Open from 9 to 14 June, 5 pm-8.30pm
Monday 14 June finissage
Incinque Open Art Monti, via della Madonna dei Monti 69 – Rome

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