“I don’t want someone like you.” La Boschi head down against Meloni

“I don’t want someone like you.” La Boschi head down against Meloni
“I don’t want someone like you.” La Boschi head down against Meloni

The long-distance confrontation between Maria Elena Boschi e Giorgia Meloni. To make matters worse, the Renzian exponent, who up Twitter has returned to thunder against the possibility of landing at Palazzo Chigi of the leader of the Brothers of Italy. The parliamentarian of Italia Viva has once again rejected the hypothesis of seeing the president of FdI at the helm of the country. “And what are you surprised by Giorgia?“, he asked in a provocative and sarcastic way. Repeating a very clear concept aloud:”I will never want a prime minister like you, sovereign, anti-European, against Draghi“. Therefore, while reaffirming female solidarity on a personal level, she claimed:”Politically, I am proudly on the opposite side of yours“.

The Boschi-Meloni clash

The group leader of Italia Viva at the Chamber of Deputies, recently a guest in the studio a The air that pulls conducted by Myrta Merlino, he probably did not like the polls that show the strong growth of the Brothers of Italy and therefore explained the reasons why in his opinion there would be nothing to exult if Giorgia Meloni were to become the next Prime Minister (first woman of our country): “I am honest, I would not be happy because we are political opponents. I don’t ask for discounts and I don’t do discounts as a woman. I cheer for women, so that they have equal opportunities in the world of politics, but I prefer that there is no prime minister sovereign and that at the European level leads a party that would have denied us the funds of the Recovery Fund“.

To Boschi’s words, Meloni promptly replied, who entrusted the dry response to the position taken by the exponent of Italia Viva to a short slide on social media: “Is the left afraid of seeing me as prime minister? A further confirmation that we are on the right path“. Boschi was then also silenced by the senator Ignazio La Russa, who thus responded to the thesis according to which with the Brothers of Italy in the government it would not have been possible to provide the country with European funds from the Recovery Fund: “Fratelli d’Italia with Meloni was among the first to say yes to Recovery and indeed to propose immediately how to best use it. But, you know, getting ready is hard even for the beautiful and not stupid ones“.

The hatred of the left for Meloni

As the days go by, insults and vulgarities against Giorgia Meloni on the part of the left multiply, evidently annoyed by the success of the Brothers of Italy in recent months. Certainly there is no shortage of examples: offenses are now on the agenda. The latest case was that of Simon Levis Salman, professor at the Ca ‘Foscari University of Venice, who shared the photo of the book “Io sono Giorgia” upside down on the Feltrinelli shelves on social media.

Also present at the appeal was Guido Saraceni, associate professor of legal philosophy at the University of Teramo, who denounced the “usual arrogant arrogance of a street screamer“of the president of FdI. Without forgetting Giovanni Gozzini, historian and professor at the University of Siena who used despicable terms during a Florentine radio broadcast:”Give me some terms: a wide-mouthed frog? A cow? A sow? What I have to say?“.

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