iPhone 14: the launch could take place sooner than expected

iPhone 14 will arrive in 2022 and, if i rumors arrived until now will find confirmation, we will find ourselves using an innovative smartphone and partly different from the one that now represents iPhone 12.

Apple has long been linked to TSMC for the production of SoCs and, in order to schedule the launch of its terminals, it must also partly follow the movements of the Taiwanese chipmaker. Well, TSMC has stated that the production of the 3 nm SoCs will start earlier but, in any case, the final tests related to the test production will be started already during the course of the third quarter of 2021.

We are already in the third quarter of 2021, so internal production will start very soon, three months earlier than the storm in previous years. In short, the first pieces to get to the iPhone 14 are starting to position themselves.

In addition to the smartphone sector, TSMC is also deepening the automotive market. The new SoCs, in fact, will also be indicated for this category with an optimization of consumption and adequate power with the aim of making the entire cabin digitized.

Thanks to continuous innovation, iPhone 14 will enjoy a advanced 5G modem and improved reception of sub-6GHz and mmWave bands. In addition to improved autonomy linked to the best production process.

But what will happen when the companies that produce SoCs reach the production process equal to 0? There are various schools of thought but the most accredited one is that of using the method of measurement through i parameters related to density. In this way it should be even easier and faster to catalog the range in which an SoC falls.

Focusing on 2021, iPhone 13 could return to be presented in September and it is possible that it will implement dual biometric recognition: Touch ID e Face ID.

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iPhone launch place sooner expected

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