Solar eclipse coming in June, it will also be seen from Italy: that’s when

Solar eclipse coming in June, it will also be seen from Italy: that’s when
Solar eclipse coming in June, it will also be seen from Italy: that’s when

Even during the month of June, after the blood supermoon of May, a new astronomical event will be staged: it is aeclipse of the sun which will also be visible fromItaly, but not in all regions.

The date to be circled in red is that of June 10, moment in which the moon will pass in front of the sun giving rise to a solar eclipse. Unfortunately, however, our natural satellite, which will be in the new moon phase, will be too far from the sun and therefore will not be able to completely obscure it.

Solar eclipse coming, will also be seen from Italy

The highly anticipated will be seen on June 10th solar eclipse of 2021, that is a ring of the sun that will surround the shape of the new moon, and for this reason it is called the ad eclipse ring of fire. The astronomical event will also be visible in Italy, but only in Northern regions he was born in Center (from Tuscany upwards), therefore the inhabitants of the South and the Islands will not be able to enjoy this spectacle.

The solar eclipse will have Start from 11:30 approximately, but the exact time will depend on the city in which it is observed. In the city of Florence, for example, it will be possible to admire the eclipse from 11:50 am, until it reaches its peak at 12:20 pm, in Milan the eclipse will start at about 11:35 am, it will reach its peak at 12: About 15 and will end shortly after 13.

In Italy the ring of fire will not be visible, but only a small slice of sun obscured in its upper part. To see the complete eclipse you can refer to the various specialized sites which generally offer several live streams of these events, such as Virtual Telescope. In total, the astronomical event will have a total duration of about 100 minutes, and will involve mainly some countries of the American continent, such as Ontario, Canada and Greenland, where the ring of fire will be perfectly visible but only for 3 minutes and 51 seconds.

How to see the solar eclipse

Although the solar eclipse is also visible from our country, it is important to remember that it will not be possible to see it with the naked eye, since some precautions to protect eyesight. Looking at the sun for a long time, as in the case of an eclipse, could cause irreversible damage to the retina.

To see the solar eclipse then you will have to equip yourself with glasses O specific filters, available in specialized stores or at optical stores, as well as online. Another good alternative is to use welder’s goggles with a protection index higher than 14, easily available in hardware stores.

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