Vaccini, Figliuolo to the Regions: “We need flexibility on recalls”

Vaccini, Figliuolo to the Regions: “We need flexibility on recalls”
Vaccini, Figliuolo to the Regions: “We need flexibility on recalls”

Objective: to prevent Italians on vacation from skipping the second dose. And that the vaccination campaign slows down, especially in the summer months. The extraordinary commissioner for the coronavirus emergency Francesco Paolo Figliuolo sends a circular to the regions asking them to adopt a flexible procedure in booking vaccines. “With the approach of the summer season and the closure of schools”, writes the commissioner, it is necessary “to implement flexible procedures for booking vaccination (in portals, call centers, etc.) that allow citizens to define the vaccination schedule already from the choice the date of the first dose ‘.

The choice already in the booking phase

“Already during the booking phase it will have to be possible to find the best date for the recall and ensure that already in that phase it can possibly be moved to another day in the range of 42 days or 4-12 weeks”, writes Figliuolo. This means that the second dose can be anticipated or postponed. “Giving flexibility means that with a toll-free number, or by going online, you can move the date to another day. I believe it is feasible, in the technical times for adapting the information systems ».


For the fragile interval of administration established by the sanitary

The goal, explains Figliuolo, is “to avoid, as far as possible, that the second administration coincides with the periods of absence from the areas of residence / assistance / domicile”. The commissioner also specifies that for frail subjects, oncological and with other particular comorbidities, “the interval between the administration of vaccines must be regulated by the health authorities or by medical personnel in relation to specific clinical situations”.

The doses for the boys will be used for the reopening of the schools

The vaccination of the 12-15 age group, Commissioner Figliuolo said, “is important even if it is not compulsory. I emphasize that it is highly recommended and I tell parents to get close to science and vaccination completely, also because it will be very useful for the reopening of schools “. The commissioner insists on the need to “secure the children and also the very young, 18 and 25, who are the people who have the most social contacts.”


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