Il Fatto defends the Rays: “Azelio? The Quirinale was also wrong”

Il Fatto defends the Rays: “Azelio? The Quirinale was also wrong”
Il Fatto defends the Rays: “Azelio? The Quirinale was also wrong”

Virginia Raggi overturns the canonical norms. If the classical procedure foresees, after the recognition of the martyrdom, the beatification and possibly the canonization, for the Everyday occurrence Saint Virginia does the opposite: she was already a saint, but now she is also a martyr.

The case of the typo on the plate for Carlo Azeglio Ciampi sparked general hilarity. But the defensive memoir drawn up by the megaphone grillino, the newspaper of Marco Travaglio, which improvises a really out of place harangue.
Defense is based on two strands.
The first, easy, according to which the mayor, in many other busy matters, cannot have become aware of the error except in the face of a fait accompli, that is, at the moment of the inauguration of the square with the President Sergio Mattarella next to. But if this were the case, and certainly so, those who lead an administration are still called to answer for what the offices do, without discounts.

The second is all to be tasted. Il Fatto writes: “the same blunder many years ago did as well Quirinale. He did not engrave it in marble, like those geniuses of the Municipality of Rome, but put it in black and white in a document that can still be read in the archives of the Presidency of the Republic. It was 1989, Ciampi was governor of the Bank of Italy and was received in audience by Francesco Cossiga. Thus we read among the commitments of the late ‘pickaxe’: ‘Monday 23 January 1989, 11 am: Dr. Carlo Azelio Ciampi, Governor of the Bank of Italy’ “.
Now, we challenge anyone to find a more imaginative way to try to demonstrate that a typo, which can be amended in 3 minutes, on an appointment diary and concerning a high institutional office (the No. 1 of the Bank of Italy) is comparable. to the wrong engraving on a marble plaque of a President of the Italian Republic, passed from hand to hand at least 10 times.

In closing, the Done he reviews all the newspapers that, in a bipartisan way, have attacked (or it would be better to say fired on the Red Cross) the Rays while campaigning.
What a shock! The newspapers, and other political parties, highlighting a galactic gaffe of a mayor a few months before the elections!
Things to horrify a newspaper like that of Travaglio, which became known to the public precisely for its pounding and never disinterested media campaigns.
The point is that, with all due respect to the grillini, Virginia Raggi’s blunders I’m a political fact. For a very simple reason.
In addition to being relapse (remember the photo of the Nimes Arena instead of the Colosseum in the presentation video of the Ryder Cup 2023? Or the social posts in which he multiplied the buses? Or the protests against Governor Zingaretti for the inefficiency of the waste plan moved in front of the landfill or the Photoshop manhole cleaning interventions spread by his advisers?) the mayor’s chain of command is confirmed as sloppy as those of the previous administrations (indeed, perhaps more so), which did not fail to attack in an instrumental way every day precisely because of their (alleged) inefficiency.
If errors count for traditional politics (rightly), for the political faction that should have brought about a change, and instead makes matters worse, mistakes count double.

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