this is where Myrta Merlino – Libero Quotidiano connects, like rosica

this is where Myrta Merlino – Libero Quotidiano connects, like rosica
this is where Myrta Merlino – Libero Quotidiano connects, like rosica

I have to fight you! You should have been sitting here in front of me instead you are a Minorca“. Thus begins Myrta Merlino in connection with Augusto Minzolini a The air that pulls, on La7, in the episode of June 3. “Yes, I’m a bit ‘off vah”, replies the journalist and former senator of Forza Italia. “I’m in Menorca for reflect a little on the country. It seems we have nothing else to argue about. Before it was curfew now the numbers at the table. Tonight’s summit is perplexing “, Minzolini observes.” We need trust, we have to start again, as the President of the Republic said, but go and have these discussions on the spot at the table it looks like a parody“. The problems instead” are other “, concludes the journalist, And continue to make the trial on this or that small issue It’s funny”.

The rule of four people at the table in the restaurant, even in the white area, continues to be discussed. The rule will be retracted today June 3 in a technical table between the Government and the Regions, which consider it too restrictive. The Undersecretary of Health, Pierpaolo Sileri, that he hopes the seat limit will be revised “because it is clearly very restrictive”. “I – he says – are among those who were for the increase in seats at the table, frankly I would increase them to 8-10, and then liberalize them from the beginning of July, when we should have over 30 million people with the first dose of the vaccine. “.

But they remain on the agenda for the white area, other issues to be resolved: “now we must face the discotech themeand “, announces the Undersecretary of Health, Andrea Costa, for whom in these places it is necessary to cancel the ban on distancing, trace who enters and grant” the opportunity to dance “. The package of new indications arrives, in parallel, on the first day of the vaccination campaign mass, extended to the entire population up to 12, for which it is now possible to book the injection at the pediatrician or in the hubs. Almost a thousand companies that had asked to be able to manage the administration for their employees also leave.

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Myrta Merlino Libero Quotidiano connects rosica

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