Vucciria, the murder in a video: “He told us I’ll snatch your head”

Vucciria, the murder in a video: “He told us I’ll snatch your head”
Vucciria, the murder in a video: “He told us I’ll snatch your head”

One of the suspects defends himself, brings up his brother but exonerates his son

PALERMO – The only one to answer the questioning of guarantee was Domenico Romano, the other two arrested for the murder of the Vucciria took advantage of the right not to answer. They are Matteo Romano, Domenico’s brother, and the latter’s son Giovan Battista.

All three respond by conspiracy to murder aggravated by premeditation and futile reasons, but it is Matteo and Giovan Battista Romano who have had a decisive role. According to the investigators of the mobile squad, the first fired at Emanuele Burgio with a gun that was passed to him by his nephew. There are eloquent images taken from multiple security cameras that have captured the scene.

Domenico Romano confirmed the role of his brother, but tried to exonerate his son, denying what is seen in the images. Here’s how things would have gone Monday night in via dei Cassari alla Vucciria according to his story. He, his brother and son had gone to the Vucciria to have a beer. There they would casually meet Emanuele Burgio with whom there had been very hard discussions in the previous days due to a car accident. Domenico Romano said that the intervention of some people, whom he did not name at the moment, had put things in order.

Domenico Romano would have seen that two people linked to Burgio kept iron clubs aside. Tempers would have warmed up. Burgio would have started to rail against the Romans and Dominic would have tried to calm him down.
Instead the victim would start punching himself in the head, a kind of propitiatory rite for the fight that was about to begin.
“You are unworthy, I snatch your head, I play football”: these would have been just some of the words uttered by Emanuele Burgio.

And it is precisely when the latter would have freed himself from Domenico Romano’s attempt to block him that Matteo would have fired. Domenico Romano knew nothing of the fact that he was armed and denied the son role. There are, however, images that speak for themselves. Now we await the decision of the judge for preliminary investigations Piergiorgio Morosini who will have to validate the arrest, requested by the Deputy Prosecutor Salvatore De Luca and by the substitutes Gaspare Spedale and Federica Paiola. The defender of the suspects, the lawyer Vincenzo Giambruno, has made it known that he is not yet in possession of all the investigative documents filed by the prosecutor.


Vucciria murder video told Ill snatch

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