Davide Monaldi, exhibition: The shape of gold

Davide Monaldi, exhibition: The shape of gold
Davide Monaldi, exhibition: The shape of gold

Milano – BuildingBox dedicates the 2021 season to the theme ofgold in contemporary art with the annual exhibition project The shape of gold the care of Melania Rossi. The exhibition aims to offer an overview of the use of gold in contemporary artistic research by presenting the works of twelve artists that allude to or use the noble metal in different ways and practices. The installations are visible 24/7 from shop window in via Monte di Pietà 23, in Milan.

Milano – From 5 June to 2 July 2021 the sixth leading artist of the exhibition is Davide Monaldi (San Benedetto del Tronto, 1983), which presents two ceramic works for a sporting metaphor reinterpreted by the artist with his personal ironic and downplaying approach.

Milano – The work Goat (2021) takes up in the title the acronym used to indicate some of the greatest athletes in history (Greatest of All Times, in fact) and consists of a cascade of fake gold medals hanging from long colored satin ribbons, while Weightlifting for dandy people (2018) is a gym barbell at the ends of which there are porcelain plates with golden profiles.

In Monaldi’s vision, the world of contemporary art and that of sport are united by dynamics linked to competition, to spectacularization, to challenge and to performance, themes that are often found in his installations, through which he reflects, between irony and drama, on his identity as an artist. Luck and talent are both decisive, in art as in sport, any prediction of success or defeat can always be upset.

The serious game Monaldi’s art consists in faithfully reproducing in glazed ceramic or terracotta objects of common use, giving life to a curious parallel world, where apparently insignificant things, removed from their usual context and elevated to sculptural dignity, suddenly become interesting, acquiring new and unsettling meanings. His is a ready made only apparent, because in the technique it is linked to the Italian artisan tradition and to intimate art making. Davide Monaldi’s works require long processing times, but despite this they maintain a conceptual, fresh and free character, tackling autobiographical but also social themes with a lightness with bitter notes.

The golden luster in Monaldi’s ceramics is above all a narrative expedient; specifically of the work Goat, the artist refers to gold as a system of values ​​linked to the fleeting concept of best e Weightlifting for dandy people plays on the whimsy of an image that contains two opposites in terms of style and aesthetics. There farcical celebration of success becomes an opportunity for the artist to transform commonly used products into cult objects, bringing to light the paradoxes of today’s society.

For more information contact the Building gallery in Milan by calling the number 02 89094995.

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