Lombardy, vaccines for under 29s: over 440 thousand bookings

Lombardy, vaccines for under 29s: over 440 thousand bookings
Lombardy, vaccines for under 29s: over 440 thousand bookings

The number of adhesions to the vaccination campaign for young people is growing: at 11.15 on Thursday 3 June they reached 441,478. Fontana and Moratti: «Go on like this, decisive push towards the return to normality».

Reservations are flying for the anti-Covid campaign for the 12-29 age group, launched on the evening of Wednesday 2 June in Lombardy. At 11.15 on Thursday morning, 441,478 bookings have already been reached (a jump of 50,000 compared to the first update at 10 am, when subscriptions were at 391,574). In particular, there are 44,362 bookings for the age group 12-15, 133,511 for the age bracket 16-20 and 263,605 for the age bracket 20-29. «Well, go on like this!», Comments the president of the Lombardy Region, Attilio Fontana. “It is really important that our young people also join the vaccination campaign. The decisive push must come from them to continue the path towards the return to normality ».

«Even these data – adds the vice president and councilor for Welfare, Letizia Moratti – reflect the enthusiasm of the citizens. In particular, young people and their families who, rightly, see vaccination as the opportunity to return to live their daily lives in safety for themselves and for others. In addition to restoring normal family relationships ».

«An extraordinary example of civic sense – concludes Moratti – which assumes even more value for the very young age of the witnesses of this ‘last mile’ of the Lombardy Region vaccination campaign. We can look to the goal of July 30 to complete at least with the first dose all the Lombard citizens who are eligible and who will have joined ».

From 11pm on Wednesday 2 June, all Lombards belonging to the 12-29 year old group can book their vaccination
. As indicated by Aifa, the Pfizer vaccine will be administered to this target population.

The booking option is open for all categories.

Online booking:

Alternatively, you can use the following methods:

– through the Postamat counter, even if you are not a current account holder, by entering your health card, your residence / domicile zip code and your mobile number

– with the help of the Postmen, who can make the reservation for you

– by calling the toll-free number 800 894545


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