Restaurants, the new rules: 8 at the table indoors, no limits outdoors

Restaurants, the new rules: 8 at the table indoors, no limits outdoors
Restaurants, the new rules: 8 at the table indoors, no limits outdoors

Tables for 8 indoors e unlimited outdoors: this is the proposal of the Regions at the end of the technical meeting that was held to find common rules in white areas.

Now the word goes to the government, which according to some sources of the Courier service would be ready to give the green light.

Divisions may therefore have been overcome: the Minister of Health Roberto Speranza he was opposed to a generalized green light, and demanded that the four-person limit be kept both outdoors and indoors.

The head of Regional Affairs Mariastella Gelmini he believed instead that it was too restrictive a rule.

The mediation found by the Regions would provide the limit indoors for two weeks to make it lapse immediately afterwards, that is at the end of June when Italy will be all in the white zone and the vaccination campaign will have involved other age groups. On this there would be the agreement of the government.

The two families

According to the agreement, 8 people will be able to eat at the same table indoors, this number can be exceeded in two families. For example, a family with two children and one with three children, therefore 9 people, can stay together. Currently, you need to have separate tables.

The limit remains of 4 people even outdoors in the yellow zone

The President of the Conference of the Regions, Massimiliano Fedriga, would also have raised on the opportunity of evaluate the abolition of outdoor limits also for the yellow areas committing to involve the national technical table.

Who controls the green pass at weddings?

There are several measures that need to be developed by the government. Among the main ones there is the one concerning the preventive checks for weddings.

According to the privacy supervisor checks on the green pass– mandatory for guests – they must be entrusted to the police, therefore, a common line must be identified to ensure that during banquets there are only people cured of covid, or vaccinated with a first or second dose, or subjected to a swab with negative results in the 48 preceding the event.

What happens with festivals and fairs?

From June 15, green light for the restart of food and wine fairs and festivals. Also in this case, new rules and indications have been established to allow safe recovery: from the use of masks, to distancing, up to signage (even for foreigners).

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