Tragedy of Mottarone, the prosecutor also investigates the accidents at the Alpyland slope managed by Nerini

Tragedy of Mottarone, the prosecutor also investigates the accidents at the Alpyland slope managed by Nerini
Tragedy of Mottarone, the prosecutor also investigates the accidents at the Alpyland slope managed by Nerini

There are not only the Stresa cable car and the tragedy that cost the lives of 14 people on Sunday 23, the prosecutor of Verbania is also investigating two incidents that occurred in 2017 and 2019 in Alpyland, the managed bobsleigh track on rail by Nerini. In those two cases, an employee and a tourist were injured. The hypothesized offense is negligent injury.

The Verbania prosecutor’s office asked Nerini to be remanded in custody, given that – according to the prosecutor’s thesis – “he had expressed impatience with scrupulous compliance with the safety measures aimed at protecting the safety of users of this type of plant”. But the investigating judge rejected the proposal.

Mottarone disaster, the double face of Nerini the cable car manager: two days ago he said he was devastated, but he knew everything and did not want to lose money

The president of the court of Verbania: “The threats to the investigating judge are unacceptable”

“The threats to the investigating judge of this court for the sole adoption of an act of his office are unacceptable and worrying.” Luigi Montefusco, the president of the Verbania court, intervenes to defend the investigating judge Donatella Banci Bonamici, the judge who on Saturday evening ordered the release of the three people under investigation for the tragedy of the cable car. Montefusco speaks of “media pillory” to which a part of public opinion has placed the investigating judge which is not justifiable despite “the media hype of the tragic story and the shareable suffering for the victims”.

Tadini denies the 2014 video

“Never used forks to lock the brakes with people in the cab before this year.” This is the outburst that Gabriele Tadini, head of the Mottarone cable car service now under house arrest for the tragedy of Sunday 23 May, made with his lawyer Marcello Perillo. This is his reaction to the video of a Swiss fan that German television Zdf sent to the Verbania prosecutor’s office. From that video it seems that the strains were already in use in 2014, but this thesis was also denied by Tadini’s former deputy. “If you see people in the cabin – added the lawyer Perillo – according to my client they are cable car operators or maintenance workers”.

The power of attorney does not allow the inspection of Tadini’s lawyers

Meanwhile, the lawyer Perillo was in the prosecutor’s office this morning. The request was to carry out inspections of the cabin and in the place of the accident with the consultants of the party who are Riccardo Falco, cinematic physicist, and Andrea Gruttadauria, expert in metal engineering. “We want to do a direct reconnaissance, so far we have only been able to examine photographs.” But he procures it

Tragedy of Mottarone, the Zdf: “Here is a video from 2014, that fork was already there”

Listen again to the employees of the cable car

Even yesterday, Republic Day, the investigations into the Mottarone tragedy continued. The prosecutor of Verbania Olimpia Bossi only took the time to take part in the celebration of 2 June in Pallanza. He still has 5 days, if he decides to do so, to file the appeal with the review court against the decision of the investigating judge.

Stresa-Mottarone cable car, images of the rescue of passengers from the second cabin

Not even the carabinieri stopped: yesterday (and work will continue today from early afternoon) some witnesses were affected, including employees of the Ferrovie del Mottarone company. The investigation is aimed at understanding how much and what the people who worked for the plant knew about the use of forks that prevented the emergency brakes from working. And then the whole game is still open to understand the causes of the breaking of the rope.

Stresa-Mottarone cable car: here are all the reasons that caused the disaster

On Monday the court expert returns to Mottarone

Meanwhile, on Monday, the expert appointed by the prosecutor, engineer Giorgio Chiandussi of the Turin Polytechnic, will again be at the scene of the massacre. He has his eyes on the cast head, the system that hooks the hauling rope to the cabin: at that point there could be the reasons for the break. Also on Monday, the commanders of the carabinieri and firefighters will be on the Mottarone to start organizing the movement of the carcass with a special helicopter. And the operation will not be easy.

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