how Giuseppe Conte pushes in Parliament (and the meaning of this move) – Libero Quotidiano

how Giuseppe Conte pushes in Parliament (and the meaning of this move) – Libero Quotidiano
how Giuseppe Conte pushes in Parliament (and the meaning of this move) – Libero Quotidiano

L’Brussels-Rome axis it is very hot and could lead to crucial changes in the Italian parliamentary scenario. The Political and Security Committee of the European Union has appointed Emanuela Del Re special representative for the Sahel: according to the indiscretions of the Corriere della Sera, his candidacy was put forward by Josep Borell thanks also to the direction of Luigi Di Maio. During the Giallorossi government he had Del Re as deputy minister, appreciating his expertise in the field of Africa.

His appointment within the EU could have important implications for Italian politics, given that with his resignation as a member of parliament a seat in Montecitorio would be freed: and what better occasion to “throw in” Giuseppe Conte? In this way his situation would be definitively unlocked, because he would be fully part of the parliamentary group of the 5 Star Movement. Obviously the former Prime Minister has every interest in doing it, but what is a little surprising is that behind this operation there is the direction of Di Maio.

Who seems to want to prove that he is not Conte’s antagonist and not wanting to hinder his new leadership: the He would run he writes that the mechanism was “wanted and studied” by the head of the Farnesina. In short, Giggino tries to dispel the suspicion of wanting to make Conte’s shoes, as we read from many quarters. Incidentally, his guaranteed turnaround was interpreted precisely in this sense: a freeing himself from the former premier to act as a privileged interlocutor with the Democratic Party. In short, we’ll see.

Among other things, there is already talk of hiring some members of Conte’s staff at the time of Palazzo Chigi: from Rocco Casalino to Maria Chiara Ricciuti, with the aim of strengthening Montecitorio’s Grillina communication. So Conte should run to the supplementary in the fall in Rome, while Enrico Letta it will do so in Siena: in this case M5s and Pd should support each other, strengthening an alliance that is, to say the least, vacillating.

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Giuseppe Conte pushes Parliament meaning move Libero Quotidiano

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