A survey to better understand the results of Covid managed at home – Corriere.it

A survey to better understand the results of Covid managed at home – Corriere.it
A survey to better understand the results of Covid managed at home – Corriere.it

What happens over time to someone who has suffered from Sars-CoV 2 infection? Is there any damage or even minor disturbances persisting from a distance? And these occur only in patients who have been hospitalized or also in those who are treated at home, perhaps with less severe symptoms? Finally, what impact has the infection had on our lives? All questions that today do not have clear and definitive answers and for which science is still looking for evidence, after having dealt above all with how to manage and treat the most acute phase of the disease and vaccines.

For the citizen and for the scientific community

For this Corriere della Sera in collaboration with the non-profit association Peripato (www.peripato.org) propose to the readers of Corriere della Sera online a questionnaire that aims to be in medical terms a self reported outcomes, i.e. a survey on the results. reported by the patient. A modern approach, specifically aimed at grasping the patients’ point of view on the outcomes of treatment, which if it does not have the precision of the studies conducted according to the classic collection methods, which are more reproducible and rigorous, has the advantage of being able to reach an enormous quantity of subjects and to represent their perception. With an innovative data collection project via the web, Corriere.it wants to put information on the health problems of those who have suffered from the pandemic that has hit us at the service of the citizen and the scientific community.

The questions

What symptoms persist after months? Have new treatments been started? But also how you are assisted when you are sick (at home or in the hospital) and what evaluation you give. We know very little about what happens after some time in those who have developed the disease in the mildest form and have not had to be hospitalized. A health question that could have important repercussions, given the tens of millions of cases registered around the world. The results obtained will be disseminated in maximum transparency and periodically updated and discussed, and, in the intentions, could provide useful data on which to reflect on to policy makers and institutions. For this we need 10 minutes, not more than your time, we are counting on you. This is the link to participate in the survey. The totally anonymous survey. The data will be collected and used for statistical purposes only and in compliance with the rules relating to privacy which can be consulted at the link https://www.corriere.it/privacy.shtml

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