discovered a flaw in the system

discovered a flaw in the system
discovered a flaw in the system

As for the best concerts or shows, it took just over an hour to register the sold out. At the start of the last phase of the vaccination campaign, the one aimed at people between the ages of 18 and 39, about five thousand bookings were registered through the system created by the Covid emergency commissioner for the hub of the Mediterranean Fair. The registrations that arrived yesterday – despite the official opening date being June 3 – concerned the slots available until June 18. For the following weeks it will be necessary to wait for the delivery of new supplies of vaccines, in order to determine how to distribute the stocks in the various points.

In the context of bookings through the Fiera’s system, an IT technician – a frontend developer – discovered a flaw in the portal that could potentially have created many problems for the continuation of the vaccination campaign. With a few clicks, as ascertained by the editors of PalermoToday on the site, it is in fact possible to enable the days in the calendar not yet available after June 18th. “I wanted to report it – he explains asking to remain anonymous – because if some attacker had realized the flaw he could have sent the system into a tailspin and book every slot with fake emails and tax codes”.

The problem was reported to the technicians of the Covid emergency commissioner, led by Renato Costa, who immediately got to work and somehow would have managed to fix it. “For reports of anomalies or other – explain from the structure – we invite people to write to us at [email protected]”.

Article updated at 13.55 on June 3, 2021 // update after technical intervention


discovered flaw system

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