penalties higher than the request of the pm – Libero Quotidiano

penalties higher than the request of the pm – Libero Quotidiano
penalties higher than the request of the pm – Libero Quotidiano

The two auditors of the League in Parliament, Alberto Di Rubba and Andrea Manzoni, were sentenced respectively to 5 years and 4 years and 4 months in the trial with shortened procedure in the investigation of the purchase and sale of the headquarters of the Lombardia Film Commission Foundation, a body owned by the Region and the Municipality of Milan. In the case of the sale of the Cormano warehouse, completed in December 2017, the two – under house arrest since last September – would have drained € 800,000 of public funds.

“Maximum respect for the sentence and maximum dissent”. We will “appeal” against this decision, he says the lawyer Piermaria Corso, defender of the two accountants. The judge, who raised the sentence for both defendants by four months with respect to the request of the power of attorney, also considering the procedural behavior, granted generic extenuating circumstances equivalent to aggravating circumstances. Not only that: the GUP “declares the two defendants banned in perpetuity from public office and in a state of legal interdiction during the execution of the sentence” and “banned for four years from the exercise of the profession of business consultant“.

The judge awarded compensation “to be paid in separate proceedings with the assignment of a provisionally executive provisional” of 150 thousand euros to the Lombardia Film Commission Foundation (the request was 1.7 million euros) and of 25 thousand to the Municipality of Milan (117 thousand the request) that civil parties have been constituted. According to the accusatory system of the deputy prosecutor Eugenio Fusco and Stefano Civardi, Di Rubba, who was president of the foundation and his firm partner Manzoni, would have shared with another accountant, Michele Scillieri (has already negotiated 3 years and 4 months), about half of the 800 thousand euros spent by the foundation for the headquarters in Cormano through a round of companies and nominees. Instead he chose the ordinary rite, the process is in progress, Francesco Barachetti, the entrepreneur who would be involved in stealing public money.

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penalties higher request Libero Quotidiano

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