Milan Quanta hunting for the 2021 Italian Cup, all races

Milan Quanta hunting for the 2021 Italian Cup, all races
Milan Quanta hunting for the 2021 Italian Cup, all races

The Italian movement returns dell’hockey inline with the Final Eight of the Italian Cup 2021 and the Milan Quanta which faces, in the quarter-finals, the Real Torino. It starts immediately strong, with knockout matches. Even if the new formula conceived by Fisr, although revisable, actually cancels the concept of “direct elimination”.

2021 Italian Cup of inline hockey, off to the new formula

Yes, because this year everything changes. On the field eight teams, the four winners will advance without problems while the defeats will end up in the “losing board”. A scoreboard that, however, will push the winners towards the Cup. Translated: you leave the event only at the second defeat. And tomorrow at 14 in the field Milan Quanta e Real Torino. First of six matches of the day that will see all the teams involved on the pitch.

Milan Quanta, desire for revenge

For Milan Quanta there will immediately be the opportunity to take revenge against the Devils Vicenza, who got the better of the Scudetto final series for 3-2, extirpating the title of Italian champion to the Milanese, who had won in the eight consecutive previous championships. Coach Luca Rigoni will be orphaned in the opening race of Comencini, Zagni, Barsanti and Ferrari: «It is not easy to recharge the batteries after a long and expensive championship final in all respects, but we want to honor the commitment. It is my job to motivate the group and go beyond the objective difficulties: on Friday, for example, there will be a lot of players missing but we will aim to do our best with those present ».

The complete program

AOn 3:30 pm the new Italian Champions of Vicenza that they will face it Monleale, a team that this year recorded an exploit in the end-of-season results. At 17.00 then space a Padova ed Asiago, who will compete in order to advance to the second round without immediately ending up back to the wall (i.e. in the losers board). Finally, to close the first round there will be the challenge of 18:30, or the one that will face each other Ferrara ed Ivy TriesteThe four losers will have to return to the track after dinner (20.00 and 21.30) for the “appeal test” that will allow two of them to stay “alive” and continue to pursue the dream of lifting the Italian Cup while the two (again) defeats will take the way back home.

The program for Friday 4 June 2021:

  • Room 1 2.00 pm Milano Quanta (4) – Real Torino (5)
  • Bedroom 2 3.30 pm Devils Vicenza (1) – Monleale Sportleale (8)
  • Bedroom 3 Ore 17.00 Ghosts Padova (3) – Asiago Vipers (6)
  • Room 4 6.30 pm Ferrara Hockey (2) – Ivy Trieste (7)
  • 20.00 Q1 loser vs Q2 loser
  • 9.30 pm Loser Q3 vs Loser Q4

The roll of honor of the Italian inline hockey cup


  • 1999 Milano 24
  • 2000/01 Flight of Trieste
  • 2001/02 Flight of Trieste
  • 2002/03 Asiago Vipers
  • 2003/04 Lions Arezzo
  • 2004/05 Milano 17 Rams
  • 2005/06 Ghosts Padova
  • 2006/07 Asiago Vipers
  • 2007/08 Asiago Vipers
  • 2008/09 Asiago Vipers
  • 2009/10 Asiago Vipers
  • 2010/11 Pirates Civitavecchia
  • 2011/12 Ivy Trieste
  • 2012/13 Milan Quanta
  • 2013/14 Milan Quanta
  • 2014/15 Milan Quanta
  • 2015/16 Milan Quanta
  • 2016/17 Milan Quanta
  • 2017/18 Milan Quanta
  • 2018/19 MC Control Diavoli Vicenza
  • 2019/20 NOT ASSIGNED for Covid-19 emergency

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